Seven Insider Secrets to Writing Great Webzines

Creating a successful webzine is an art form. Even so, there are a number of key considerations that will help your webzine stand out and to be a very effective marketing and communications tool.

  1. Purpose Driven
    The focus, length, frequency of your webzine and many of factors are driven by the overarching goal and purpose of your webzine. Is it stay in touch with your current clients? Is it to enhance your relationship with your current clients and build their trust? Is it to increase your sales to current clients? Is it to sell new clients services and products? Being very clear about your purpose will then set the tone for how to create your webzine. The purpose should serve as a bellwether to constantly bounce your ideas and thoughts against to see if it helps move you towards the stated purpose.

  2. Always Write with the Reader in Mind.
    Businesses buy services and products to solve their problems or to alleviate issues that are causing them pain so always keep this in mind. Do not focus on what you want to sell, but more son on how your services and products will address real problems or benefit their business. Note that telling prospects about your service and product features is not the same as telling them how they will benefit.
  3. Seduce Readers with Headlines that Stir the Emotion, Create Excitement, Inflict Fear or Create Curiosity
    A well crafted headline (or subject line for email) will determine if your email gets opened and read or not. Those headlines that appeal to reader’s emotions will be more effective in getting them to open the email and to read it. Headlines like ‘A Medical Breakthrough that will End Diets,’ or ‘Learn the Top 3 Secrets to Buying a House Below Market Value,’ or ‘What the IRS doesn’t want you to know about Tax Audits,’ or ‘Are You Interested in Closing Sales Faster?’ or ‘Would You Like to Learn How to Avoid Sexual Harassment Lawsuits Once and For All?’ are examples of titles that work because they are compelling. They offer a promise to solve a problem. They stimulate emotion or create curiosity..
  4. Keywords Should be Placed in the Headline. Use the keywords again in the first paragraph, and repeat several times in the body of the content. When somebody sits down and types keywords into a search engine looking for information they need, this will increase the probability that your content will be found?
  5. Make Your Webzine User Friendly
    A lot of people only scan read as oppose to carefully reading every word so you need to make it easy for them to get your message. Judiciously use bullet points so people can quickly scan your message. Write short paragraphs and use terms that people will easily understand. Write in a conversational tone. A good tip is to read your content out loud. If it sounds like a commercial, rewrite it to sound like a conversation. Be friendly, yet professional.
  6. Use Research, Surveys, Statistics, Expert References and Testimonials, to support your point.
    The best way to prove a point or to emphasize a need without it coming across as selling is to use information from another source such as a respected survey from the industries leading association, a recognized expert or testimonies from clients (include their names and companies). Go easy on the hype. Today’s entrepreneurs and business managers are very savvy and do not want you to ‘sell’ them something, but more so, are looking for solutions to their problems.
  7. So What?
    Remember that business owners and managers do not care that you want to sell them something. They have a business to run and want help with solutions to their problems. They do not care how great you think your products are or how many features it has. They only want to know can it help me solve a problem that they either have today or are trying to avoid having tomorrow. Test your headlines, product offerings and content by asking over and over ‘So What?’ from the prospects viewpoint and rewrite it accordingly.


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