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The National Institute For The Prevention Of Workplace Violence

employeescreenIQ is a global background screening company dedicated to superior client service. Our smarter, comprehensive research techniques produce thorough, accurate screening reports that meet the unique needs of our clients and the standards of federal and international employment guidelines. We keep abreast of evolving compliance laws, use the latest marketplace technologies and conduct intensive court-level record investigations. employeescreenIQ clients can be confident they are making intelligent decisions. For more information, please visit us at

Check out employeescreen University, a first of its kind interactive, educational Web site for security, risk management and human resource professionals that features regularly updated, free background-screening information. All aimed to help hiring managers make better hiring decisions.
Features include our free newsletter “The Verifier,” HR news compiled from sources all over the world; U.S. legislative updates; white papers; podcasts; research; upcoming events; and a background-screening blog, updated daily by our leadership team. Please visit us at

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