Volume 4, Edition 4, April 2008

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(d) Under the FCRA, an end-user must provide an applicant a copy of his or her report at the time of adverse action, when it is obtained for purposes other than employment, so that the applicant or employee has the opportunity to correct errors in the report. 1681b(b)(3). In all other circumstances, an end-user must provide a copy of the report to the consumer at the time the adverse action is taken. Additionally, some states, MN, OK, and CA, require that if a consumer checks a box on the disclosure/authorization form requesting a copy of his or her report, that the end-user provide it to him or her. These state laws generally allow for the employer to contact the CRA to comply with this request. Although not required under the FCRA, it is a best practice for the employer to provide a copy of the report to a consumer when he or she requests it or to direct the consumer to the CRA who ran the report.


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