Some recent examples of air rage incidents


A cabin crew member of a British aircraft flying from London to Malaga in

October 1998 needed 18 stitches in her arm and back after a male passenger

smashed a bottle of vodka over her head and raked her body with the jagged



A passenger grabbed the hair of a female check-in clerk in Delhi airport and

repeatedly banged her head on the counter.


A man attacked the pilot of a Boeing 707 en route from the Canary Islands to

Berlin in March this year. He was overpowered by crew members and four

passengers before the plane landed safely.


A man was jailed for six months and fined $5,000 last September after

assaulting an airline cabin crew member. A US court was told that he stormed

the cockpit after being denied alcohol.


An agitated passenger attacked the pilot and co-pilot of a

San-Francisco-bound airliner in March this year and apparently intended to

crash the plane. The man was subdued by cabin crew members and passengers and

the flight landed safely at San Francisco International.


A female check-in clerk at Strasbourg airport was punched in the face and

scratched and had her uniform torn by a passenger on May 17. The following

day all Air France ground crew stopped work at 12.30 in protest at the