Link Between Animal, Domestic Violence


                               People reported for cruelty to animals are more likely to also

                               engage in acts of domestic violence, according to a study by a

                               Buffalo, N.Y. police officer.


                               UPI reported June 22 that Lt. David Mann of the Buffalo

                               Police Department compared complaints to the Erie County

                               Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals with domestic

                               violence complaints in his department, and found that about a

                               third of those charged appeared on both lists.


                               "Violence is violence is violence, and all animal abuse should

                               be taken seriously," said psychologist Randall Lockwood, vice

                               president of the National Humane Society. Lockwood pointed

                               out that many of the young shooters in the recent spate of

                               school shootings had a history of animal abuse. And he added

                               that violence against animals and people are both related to

                               similar factors, including low self-esteem, social problems, a

                               history of abuse, anger-management problems, lack of parental

                               guidance, insensitivity towards others, and a desire for power

                               and control.


                               Source: Join Together Online