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Congratulations to NAPBS for putting on another great conference. I also want to especially thank all of our international colleagues that ventured so far to share your expertise and to network with us. I am very excited about being a part of the International Committee to be able to see first hand the progress that has been made and to see the international alliance become a reality.

While I am talking about the international area, I also want to introduce a new service we will be offering to our International Platinum Members and International firms that enter into multiple month contracts for advertising in The Background Buzz. We will be featuring these firms in an ‘International Profile’ to increase their visibility and help background screening firms around the world get to know them better. Look for the first International Profile soon.

Also for those of you that travel internationally remember that our International Resource Center at includes in-depth information on Cities of the World as well as Holidays around the world. It is a great resource to use over an over.

Winners from the NAPBS Conference for visiting our Booth:
Congratulations to John T. Hannington, KROLL for winning a complimentary Platinum Membership for 12 months in and Sheila Chapman, Trak-1 who won the Bose® QuietComfort2® headset.

Please remember to let us know if you change your business name, address or phone number so that we can update your listing in and let us know if you change your email address so we can make sure you will not miss an edition of The Background Buzz.

Running a business can be a humbling experience.
When I added in the comment about the ‘humbling experience’ in the March edition it was not my intent for this to become a regular column, however, fate has decided that once again ‘we have to fess up’ for our shortcomings. In the March edition of The Background Bistro we featured Cliff Williams, CEO, Innovative Enterprises, Inc. Our intent was noble and just, but our delivery in this article was less than stellar. We wanted to assure Cliff’s clients and fans that while he was interviewed for the article, he did not write it. So the errors are attributed to our actions not his. As a result of this mishap we have changed our entire procedure for writing, approving, editing and proofing articles for the Bistro. Cliff, thanks for helping us learn and improve. While the experience was painful, the outcome will be that our future editions will be of higher quality. For this we are indebted to you.

Finally, I want to express my heartfelt thanks to all of advertisers and readers of The Background Buzz, The Employment Screening Journal and for contributing to our success and for being great people.
Have a blessed and safe week!

W. Barry Nixon, SPHR


PS – dzien dobry is good day or hello in Polish

Volume 5, Edition 4, April 2009



WHO Raises Pandemic Alert Level

For the first time in its history the World Health Organisation (WHO) raised its pandemic threat level to level five—just one step below a full blown global pandemic. Signal to all countries and businesses to immediately activate their pandemic preparedness plans. The primary impact of a swine flu pandemic will be higher levels of staff absences. Are you prepared to deal with this situation.

For Essential Advice On Dealing With A Potential Swine Flu Pandemic Go To -

The Berg Report On The NAPBS Conference
By Bruce Berg, Berg Consulting Group

For 2009, there were 525 total attendees, down 20% from the 642 in 2008, which is no surprise given the state of the economy. However the number of companies with at least one person attending was only down 14%, from 261 to 224. Interesting that the number of exhibitors was up 32% but the number of exhibitor attendees was down 15% from 170 last year to 146 this year. Pretty obvious that everyone was watching their expense dollars this year. This conference serves the multi-purposes of education, organization, reporting to the members, exhibitors with their offerings, and, obviously a great opportunity for the industry to meet with each other to exchange ideas, share experiences and solve problems. There was much official and informal discussion on accreditation. Beta tests are to start in about three months.

To Read The Full Report Go To:

Small Business Loves Obama's Plan

Obama's $15 billion plan to loosen credit gets high marks from entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs and small-business owners who groaned about corporate government bailouts bit their tongues when President Obama announced a plan to inject $15 billion into the small-business loan market. "For us, this is a different world than the one we were in before . . .," says Chip Mahan, CEO of Wilmington, N.C.-based Live Oak Bank, which lends primarily to veterinary businesses. "I absolutely applaud the decision to buy up [the Small Business Administration-guaranteed] loans. The main difference is in the philosophy of the SBA, which used to be that it would pay for itself. But if you want to stimulate the economy like this administration is attempting to do, you have to try something different." The $15 billion, coming from the U.S. Treasury Department, will be used to purchase securities backed by the SBA-guaranteed loans in an attempt to jump start the secondary credit market for small businesses. Banks that offer SBA-guaranteed loans have hit a lending wall in recent months, as the secondary market is frozen, so banks can't get the old loans off their balance sheets to free up capital for new loans. For small-business owners, the biggest change is the amount of credit available to them. Loans unavailable last week are likely to be attainable and with better conditions than have existed since the start of this recession. "The advice you got six months ago isn't relevant anymore," says Seiwert. "It's time to talk to your banker and find out what's available under the new conditions."
2009-04-09 16:18:41|htmlws-sb|dl2|link3|

Security-Clearance Checks For Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Allegedly Falsified

Half a dozen investigators conducting security-clearance checks for the federal government have been accused of lying in the reports they submitted. Federal authorities said they do not think that anyone who did not deserve a job or security clearance received one or that investigators intentionally helped people slip through the screening. Instead, law enforcement officials said, the investigators lied about interviews they never conducted because they were overworked, cutting corners, trying to impress their bosses or, in the case of one contractor, seeking to earn more money by racing through the checks. OPM's 1,540 staff investigators and 5,300 contractors conducted more than 2 million background checks last year. Outside experts cited the prosecution of George Abraham, an investigator who worked for several firms hired by OPM, as an example of potential problems in the agency's contracting practices. Abraham was compensated by the case and raced through investigations to get more work, authorities said. His motive, Epstein wrote in court papers, "was simply greed."

For More Information Go To:

Human Resource Certification Institute Launching Online Searchable Directory

The HR Certification Institute will be launching the Online Certificant Directory. Employers will be able to search for certificants within the directory to verify their certification status. Listed within the directory will be:

· Certificant’s full name
· City, state and country certificant resides in
· Certification/designation held by the certificant
· Date that certificant became certified (Certified Since)

The directory will include all HR professionals with a current certification from the HR Certification Institute who have chosen to be included in the directory.

For More Information Go To:


Legislation Could Give Installers, Monitoring Companies Access To Federal Criminal Database

The National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association recently introduced in congress legislation that could provide installation and monitoring companies with the resources to ensure the employees they hire aren’t a threat to the homes, businesses and families they’re suppose to help protect. The bill, the "Electronic Life Safety and Security System Federal Background Check Act of 2009" (HR 1939), was introduced by Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer (R-Mo.) and would give these companies the ability to check a potential employee’s criminal history against the National Crime Information Center or NCIC, a federal criminal database.

For More Information Go To:


Congratulations Platinum Member

Accurate Background Announces ISO 9001:2000 Recertification

Few service providers in the background checking industry have achieved ISO certification. A recent audit was conducted as part of the recertification process and Accurate Background was found to have no non-conformities with the in-depth ISO Standard. The International Standards Organization (ISO) assists in implementing and auditing Accurate Background’s Business Management System. The goal is to attain a variety of metrics concerning the quality of their products and services through standardized and documented processes.

For More Information Go To:

Congratulations Platinum Member

HireRight and HRsmart Integrate Background Screening with Applicant Tracking

HireRight, a leader in on-demand employment background and drug screening, has announced a strategic alliance agreement with HRsmart, a leading provider of talent management software, employee performance management, applicant tracking, and human resource software solutions. The new HireRight Pre-integrated Solution for HRsmart will allow business users to manage their background and drug screening programs through the HRsmart Applicant Tracking System (ATS). The robust HRsmart Applicant Tracking System includes a comprehensive dashboard tailored to the individual user, an easy-to-use and innovative functionality to help manage day to day activities, deep integrations for sourcing talent, managing assessments, communicating with Human Resources Information Systems, and now running employment background checks and drug tests through HireRight.

For More Information Visit The Company's Web Site At

BackgroundExpress Launches

A real-time criminal record search product that accesses information directly from online Ohio court systems, state sex offender databases and a broad range of online public record sources BackgroundExpress, a specialized public record research and online background screening company, announces the launch of (NWR), a real-time public record research system. Law firms, temporary staffing agencies, industries that experience high employee turnover and other background screening firms will be impressed by NWR’s interface, where a single search request will initiate multiple online public record searches of Ohio county and local court systems, state sex offender databases and a broad range of online public record sources. Results are available within minutes of initiating a request through a single report interface. “We are excited to offer an economic, streamlined and efficient way for searching public records for our clients,” said BackgroundExpress President Dennis Drellishak. NWR will be bringing 13 additional states online shortly after comprehensive testing is complete.

Visit for an up-to-date list of markets where NWR is offered ans to get more information.

County House Research and NH Background Investigations Merge

County House Research, Inc., a leading provider of in-court public records research for the mid-Atlantic, and NH Background Investigations, a leading provider of in-court public record research for New England, announced that they have merged to form a regional provider of background information. The merger took effect on March 1, 2009. Both companies will continue to operate separately within the County House family, maintaining offices in Philadelphia and New Hampshire. Clients will find few changes on the day-to-day level; researchers and contacts remain the same. Clients can expect streamlined office operations, increased investment in technology and improved turn-around times. By aggregating criminal record searches directly to a regional research company, clients will have access to more counties in more states from a provider renowned for its commitment to expert service.

For More Information Go To

 Welcome to the Legal Challenge Question!

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As the background screening industry continues to get more competitive the firms that will ultimately succeed will be those that create competitive advantage through their people by offering continuous learning opportunities to heightened their knowledge and capabilities. We believe that having employees that are very knowledgeable about the legal landscape of background screening is essential to continued success.

We are grateful to Pam Devata, Seyfarth Shaw LLP for providing the expertise for this valuable endeavor. For information regarding the answers to the Legal Challenge Questions, please contact Pamela Devata at Seyfarth Shaw LLP at or 312-460-5000 or visit

Please choose your answer by clicking on it:

An employer can charge an employee for the cost of a background check:

A) Any time it wants

B) Only if the employee agrees prior to the background check being processed

C) It depends on what state law applies

D) Never

 ANNOUNCEMENTS (continued)

ERC Dataplus Promotes Two Current Senior Executives To New Positions

ERC Dataplus, a leading human resource technology company, today announced that Peter Clarke has been appointed President and COO and Carla Knoll was made Executive Vice President, Channel Management.

Peter Clarke, one of the founders of ERC, joined ERC in 1994 as Chief Technology Officer (a responsibility he will retain) and was the principal architect of ERC's first application, an IVR-based employment prescreening application. Under Peter's leadership the Selectech application has been designed and implemented with a modular design and industry-leading WizardDriveSM technology allowing clients to only use those pieces that meet their specific needs. Beginning in 2006, Peter began assuming more operational responsibilities and this promotion recognizes his leadership role and contribution to ERC's growth and development over the past 15 years.

Carla Knoll initially joined ERC in 1999, and took a leave in 2005, to concentrate on family. She rejoined ERC as its Vice President, Business Development in February 2008 and was heavily involved in the development of the industry's leading ATS reseller program. In addition to her contribution to the development of the SelectechPoweredSM Reseller Program, Carla has actively engaged with program partners in developing strategic business plans to add new revenues to their organizations.

"I am delighted to be able to recognize these two key executives with promotions for their numerous contributions to ERC. I am extremely proud of Carla and the entire ERC team," said Paul Rathblott, ERC Dataplus CEO.

For More Information Visit or call 1-888-ERC-CORP (372-2677).


A New Breed of Angry Ex-Worker

Shocking cases of fired workers returning with guns blazing to their old workplace has always made large layoffs a tense time for security teams. The threat has always been tempered, however, because such cases are extremely rare; only the most troubled individuals are a real risk to exact such drastic, deadly revenge. On the other hand, downloading a little data or planting some malicious code is a pretty easy way for workers to get back at former employers, and many seem to be doing it. On Jan. 30, federal prosecutors formally charged a Fannie Mae contract worker with planting a virus on the company's network after he was fired, but before he handed in his ID badge and laptop at the end of the day. Had it not been discovered, and the code executed as planned, it would have destroyed and altered all (yes, all) of the data on Fannie Mae's 4,000 computer servers nationwide, said the indictment. According to a new survey of security experts and senior IT decision makers by McAfee, Unsecured Economies: Protecting Vital Information, 42 percent said that employees being displaced by the slumping economy have become the biggest threat caused by the current crisis.

To Read The Full Report Go To:

HR Professionals And Recruiters Warned To Be On Their Guard As 24% Of Jobseekers Are Prepared To Lie In Interviews And 15% Would Exaggerate Their Skills And Qualifications.

According to a report from talent assessment company SHL Group, 23% of job applicants said the tough economic climate - plus the belief other applicants would lie as well - led them to exaggerate in order to stand a chance of being recruited. Men are more likely to lie in job interviews - 26% compared with 22% of women - and staff aged 18-24 are more likely to stretch the truth - 37% compared with 26% of 35-44 year-olds. "Now is definitely not the time to cut back on robust recruitment processes. More than ever recruiters should be undertaking the necessary checks and references."

For More Information Go To: ?DCMP=EMC-Dailynewsalert

The Economy: Money Disappears, Lies Reappear

Enterprises thinking about cutting budgets for investigations and background screenings should think again. National and international studies recently show that job applicants at all position levels are more likely to lie as the recession grows. In one study, by the Risk Advisory Group, a shocking 64 percent of job applicants bent the truth. They also reported that the percentage of discrepancies had increased by 14 percent over the previous year. This year’s research shows that job title is the most common lie, with 53 percent of people not telling the truth about their employment history overall. But the biggest increase – 22 percent – was in applicants lying about their educational grades. “No business can afford to invest time and money in someone who is not up to the job. The only way to know if they are is to check their credentials independently.”

Top Five Lies

1. Job title
2. Dates of employment
3. Dates of academic qualification
4. Academic grades
5. Academic qualification type

For More Information Go To:

Data Breach Threats From Within Growing

While the external hacker is something companies have learned to defend against, the internal data breach threat is growing. Insurance and cyber security experts say a computer-savvy employee who thinks his or her job may be in jeopardy may be more inclined to tap the organization’s database for information that may be useful in a new job with a competitor. Worse, the employee could attempt to take revenge on his or her employer as job cuts abound during the recession, experts say. "I think it’s safe enough to assume that, as people are put under greater and greater emotional stress, additional people may lose their moral compass and do things and take data that, in normal circumstances, they might not," said Alan E. Brill, New York-based senior managing director of technology services at Kroll Ontrack, a division of Kroll Inc., a consultant unit of Marsh & McLennan Cos. Inc. Brian Lapidus, a colleague of Brill and the Nashville, Tennessee-based COO of Kroll’s fraud solutions division, said there were about 1,000 more data security inquiries to Kroll in December than just last July. Tracey Vispoli, vice president Chubb Group of Insurance Cos. added that she believes people need to be more worried about [internal data breaches] than in the past. The trends are changing and essentially you have a workforce that is more disgruntled and more upset than in years past, and I think that is something that will be a looming issue in the years ahead," she said.

For More Information Go To:


Six Ways to Build Your Brand Through Customer Service

When it comes to brand building, customer service is often the last and most-ignored piece of the puzzle. This is a big mistake--and big missed opportunity. Aligning customer service and your brand is an essential, but under used way to attract and retain customers, differentiate the business, and boost brand loyalty. Done right, it can create a truly sustainable competitive advantage. Here are six ways we've seen to use customer service to reinforce brand identity. These methods can be used to align customer service with established brands or to build a brand through customer service.

For More Information and To Read The Full Article Go To:

How Marketers Are Using Social Media to Grow Their Businesses

Social media marketing is an engagement with online communities to generate exposure, opportunity and sales. It seems that many marketers see the social media frontier as the next marketing gold rush. Given the low cost of entry, many marketing pros are doing more than just dipping their creative toes into this gold-laden water. If you're in charge of marketing your business, you'll want to closely read this study. My team turned over every rock, looking for the "not so obvious" findings among this content-rich data. We set out to uncover the "who, what, where, when and why" of social media marketing with this report. Nearly 900 of your peers provided the kind of insight that previously has not existed. This study set out to understand how marketers are using social media to grow andpromote their businesses. On the following pages you will discover:

  • The top 10 social media questions marketers want answered: We analyzed nearly 700 open-ended responses and summarized all the major questions that marketing pros want answered.
  • The time commitment: We examined the weekly hours marketers invest in their social media efforts. This analysis will be helpful for marketers just getting started.
  • The benefits of social media marketing: This rather beefy section reveals all the major advantages marketers are achieving with their social media efforts. We also looked at how time invested and experience enhances the achieved benefits.

For More Information And To Read The Full Study Go To:


Use of Contract Talent in US Continues to Grow

According to new research, the segment of the US workforce that includes contract workers, such as independent contractors, is growing at more than twice the rate of traditional employment. Human Resources and Procurement professionals are collaborating in order to maximize their organizations investment and manage contract talent strategically. More than 90% of organizations surveyed for the study, “The State of Contract Talent Management and the Role of HR,” reported that they use contract talent.

Source: March/April 2009 Staffdigest, Volume 25, No.6

To Access the Actual Study Go To:


Background Screening and Investigations: Managing Hiring Risk from the HR and Security Perspectives
By Barry Nixon, SPHR, and Kim Kerr, CPP; Reviewed by Peter Psarouthakis

Managing risk in the hiring process can be a challenging task for an organization’s human resources (HR) and security departments. Having the right resources and experience to properly conduct a background screening or an investigation is vital. Fortunately, there is a growing amount of valuable material available. Background Screening and Investigations is one of them. Authors Barry Nixon and Kim Kerr lay a good foundation by explaining the risks posed by not having an appropriate screening process. Next, they address how legal issues can affect background screening and an organization as a whole. The authors then explain how security and HR must collaborate in this important process. The chapter titled “Background Checking Policy” is one of the book’s many highlights. Nixon and Kerr explain the importance of having a policy in place and the laws governing background screening.

The usefulness of this chapter cannot be overstated. The reader could easily use the authors’ detailed arguments in making the case to management that a policy is needed. Later, the chapter provides detailed examples of hiring policies, focusing on specific issues the documents must address. Other chapters in this book are just as detailed and informative. Those who conduct background screening or investigations know the importance of keeping current on the ever-changing environment of background screening. Background Screening and Investigations is an important resource that anyone involved in hiring or the background screening business should keep close at hand.

Reprinted with permission of Security Management magazine. This is not intended to be an endorsement by Security Management magazine or ASIS International.


Spring Season Offers Little Hope: Layoffs Surge, Hiring Expectations Fall in April

Continuing the trend of recent months, April hiring expectations hit four-year lows.
Hiring is down in April by two-thirds in the manufacturing sector and more than one-half in the service sector compared with the same time in 2008.

Recruiting difficulty is nearly nonexistent in March.
Few employers in the manufacturing and service sectors report having increased difficulty with recruiting in March compared with March of last year.

Source: SHRM’s Line Employment Report for April 2009

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Insurer Warns Jobless Could Turn To Extortion

Rising unemployment in developed nations tends to lead to more extortion. White collar acts of extortion rise as jobless numbers mount. The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) reported that unemployment in many developed countries will rise above 10% by the end of 2010.

Extortion can take a number of forms involving physical threats to property or people. A company reliant on its IT systems, such as a financial institution, might see computer viruses being introduced maliciously and more white collar workers with knowledge of their former employers IT and operating systems turning to extortion as a way of taking revenge or making money. Charlie Hanbury, special risks underwriter at Hiscox added: ‘I would expect to see insurance claims from companies experiencing extortion go up by at least 25% in this current downturn and it is critical that organisations thoroughly examine and test their risk management procedures when it comes to dealing with incidents such as these.’

For More Information Go To:


Compensation Denied To Worker On Basis That She Lied On Pre-Employment Questionnaire

On 6 February 2009, the Administrative Appeals Tribunal affirmed Comcare's decision to deny compensation to an employee who claimed that prolonged periods of sitting in an inappropriate ergonomic setting in the workplace had caused her to suffer from a "significant" disc protrusion. The Tribunal found that the employee's injury had not been caused or aggravated by her work. One of the factors the Tribunal took into account in making its finding on the evidence was the fact that the employee had falsely completed a pre-employment questionnaire, by denying that she had previously suffered from back pain.

The decision highlights the useful role that pre-employment questionnaires can play in the recruitment process.

For More Information Go To:


Netaji, Pray That Your Pilot Is Not A Terrorist! - Govt Orders Verification Following Intel That Terrorists Plan To Hijack Chopper Ferrying VIP

New Delhi: With a large number of politicians using private aircraft and helicopters for electioneering, the Centre has directed operators to verify the antecedents of all pilots and ground staff following intelligence inputs that terrorists may try to abduct VIPs. Home Ministry sources said the directive asked operators to have a detailed background verification of the pilots and other staff and whether they have any links with any person who is considered as a security threat. Intelligence agencies had received an input from West Bengal that Lashkar-e-Toiba and Harkat-ul-Jehadi Islamia terrorists were trying to infiltrate and hijack a chopper ferrying a VIP, sources said.

For More Information Go To:

India Infoline Signs Up With First Advantage For Verifydirect

Mumbai, India, - The Employer Services segment of First Advantage Corporation announced that India Infoline has become the first company to sign up for VerifyDirect™, Asia-Pacific’s first-ever, contributory, database-driven, online background screening service. Upon receiving the individual’s consent, VerifyDirect can be used by any bonafide company for conducting background checks on potential employees, contract/vendor staff or customers through secure online transactions 24/7.

Ashish Dehade, managing director (West Asia) of First Advantage, said, “The signup with India Infoline reaffirms the faith of Indian corporates in the need for a digitized database that has the potential to optimize cost and time opportunities in the existing process of verification of background information. VerifyDirect, aiming to be the largest verification database in the country and the Asia-Pacific for employment history and education records, will make available data in the public domain and will be consent-driven. This will add to the transparency and authenticity of the process.”

For More Information Please Contact – Reshma Pai at


China Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Development Center (CDGDC) is responsible for evaluating and appraising the academic degrees and graduate education and researching the degree equivalency between China and foreign countries, mainland China and its special regions Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan, providing the counseling for reciprocal degree acknowledgement agreements in this area. Verifile has signed an exclusive agreement with China's Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Centre (CDGDC) to provide a more streamlined approach when verifying Chinese academic and vocational qualifications. Organisations that employ individuals with qualifications gained in China will now have one source to verify the status of the Chinese educational institution and authenticate the degree a candidate claims to have.

For More Information Go To:

International Training Resources:

World Federation for Personnel Management, Events,

To view the International Section go to
look in the middle of the page for the gray bar like the one below.


Conducting Background Investigations in the Middle East

By Zafar I. Anjum, CFE, CEO, CRI Group, Dubai, UAE

In the complex world of employee background screening, no two countries are alike. In the Middle East technology is limited in many parts of the region. Privacy legislation varies from country to country and from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Cultural differences can impact the flow of information. Language barriers can contribute to inaccurate reporting. Instead of database-driven investigations that are generally conducted in the United States, professionals in the Middle East must conduct large parts of their investigations literally on foot, traveling to remote regions to scour records and interview sources.

The biggest challenge to conducting background investigations in the Middle East is collecting reliable information in the most efficient manner. This requires a well-trained and diverse group of professional investigators who are multilingual and multi-cultural, are familiar with those geographic regions and can easily traverse the obstacles that often impede international investigations. Those obstacles include:

  • Working with local customs offices;
  • Complying with data protection laws and mandates;
  • Knowledge level of local investigative researchers;
  • Lack of centralized information resources and databases; and
  • The proliferation of multicultural environments that are particularly influenced by locals who vastly differ in their approaches to investigative screening and public record searches, particularly with information collected via database sources.

To Read The Full Article Go To: Click here


Businesses Should Not ‘Hide Behind’ Data Protection Act

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has this week urged organisations not to hide behind the Data Protection Act unnecessarily when dealing with individuals. The ICO’s call comes as it continues to encounter incidents where data protection is wrongly used by organisations as a reason for refusing to give out any personal information or for prevening them from dealing with certain types of enquiries. The most bizarre instance they cite is an incident involving a young lady who was refused service from a clothes shop after she requested a shop assistant to check if another store had her size in a bikini. The shop assistant refused – citing the Data Protection Act.

For More Information Go To:

Employers Warned Of Heightened Fraud Threat

Small businesses are being warned by the Fraud Advisory Panel (FAP) to be extra alert to fraud risks during the recession. The Panel has warned that the risk of fraud is at its worst during economic hard times and that a fraud attack could see small firms go under. The Panel, a registered charity established by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, notes reported fraud against British businesses has increased significantly over the last year. Ros Wright explained that recession increases the potential for businesses to fall victim to new frauds committed by opportunistic criminals or previously honest people and companies under economic pressure. She added that it often brings to light existing frauds as credit lines run out and financial manipulation can no longer be concealed.

To Read About The Areas of Potential Risk Identified By The Panel Go To:

2009 Marketing Portfolios for:

Background Screening (CRAs) Firms
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We invite you to pull up a chair, grab a latte and join us in the Background Bistro. This week’s guest is Bob Vale, CEO,

Before starting, Bob graduated from the State University of New York at Plattsburgh and worked for the corporate office of UPS as their Manager of Loss Prevention Technical Support. While at UPS, Bob learned about background screening and in 1995 founded Compass Clarity, Inc., along with Ken Dawson and William White, who were colleagues at UPS. The initial system they provided in the screening industry, Compass Clarity, was a client server-based system and was transferred to the internet in 1999 when it was apparent that the Internet was going to be a substantial business medium. The new Internet version was named, as a play on Compass Clarity, which revered to the north star. Although Bob’s company was officially named Compass Clarity, the name was so powerful, that even customers using the Compass Clarity product started writing checks to ClearStar.nett, so in 2001, Compass Clarity, Inc. started using the dba of is a workflow management system for screening companies that is being used on an international scale. The focus of the software-as-a-service model is to empower screening companies with an efficient and cost effective workflow management system. The model of is to be “on the same side of the fence” as their clients, with the revenue coming from overall increase of business, instead of selling development or features. “Our technology promotes both security and compliance, while reducing costs. In the past several years, we have had many of our customers ask us to take on more of the backoffice infrastructure of their screening business, so in 2008 we launched ClearStar Logistics, Inc, to meet the demand” says Bob.

As CEO of the company, Bob sees his role in a unique way, stating, "I see myself as the coach. I am very lucky to have great players with a wealth of industry experience that know their positions on the field. I do a lot of coordination and have to see what is coming over the horizon, so I spend a lot of time talking to people to see what their challenges are and bringing ideas back to my team for discussion." “We try to anticipate where the market is going and our clients’ needs by redefining the playing field. We also study the changing market dynamics so that we can look for alternatives to offer in the future. In many instances we are looking for new avenues that have direct impact on changing the dynamics of the industry.”

On the personal side, Bob is married and has three teenage girls. .

One of Bob’s passionate interests is Corvettes. His thoughts on the American-made sports car run a little deeper than most. He owns a Corvette and proudly states that he knows a lot about them and has just about every book ever published on them. He went on to say “I love them and to me they are much more than just a car. To me, it’s a piece of American history and not just something you drive, it is something you have stewardship of, especially the classics, I think that there is a connection between the Corvette and the American Blue-collar worker. It is our country’s only true sports car, and something that is part of our fabric as a culture."

Another interest of Bob is photography, architecture and design. He has a collection of about forty old cameras. He added with a smile that his interest in photography goes back to high school where he got involved in black & white photography. He lamented over the hours in the dark room and how he enjoyed bulk loading his own film and developing it. Bob also enjoys watching football, a carryover from having been the captain of his football team in high school. He cites Terry Bradshaw, Deacon Jones and Alex Karras as some of his favorite past players. He added that he has difficulty really getting into professional sports now because of the attitude of many of the players, stating, "Things are just different now and not the same as when I was growing up. Players are selfish and don’t play for the love of the game. When I was growing up the players’ attitudes were totally different and it made it easier to pull for them. I mostly watch college ball now and enjoy going to the University of Geogia games, where his oldest daughter plays in the Red Coat marching band. Go Dawgs!"

His taste in music is quite eclectic and he listens to a wide variety of musicians including Buddy Guy, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddly, Mojo Nixon, Jerry Reed, Golden Earring and Louis Prima. Bob indicated that he collects a lot of old music, both released and unreleased, and that he can go from hard rock to rap to blues. He also has a large collection of Allan Sherman comedy recordings, which he loves to share.

An organization that is very dear to Bob’s heart is The Sue Weaver C.A.U.S.E. Bob’s involvement in the organization fits right in with the type of work that his company provides. Along with his support of the Sue Weaver C.A.U.S.E., Bob supports the USO, is a life member of the American Legion and is an avid supporter of Forsyth Central High School band, The Flash of Crimson.

When asked about what does he foresee in the future - Bob’s outlook for his company is very bright, stating, "I think that the services that we provide will become more vital. I think that our practices will become more ingrained in people’s day-to-day lives. Not only will the ongoing information that a company receives about an individual before and during employment continue to become more and more important, but how the individual consumer interacts with and has input into that information about themselves will be vital in the maintaining of their electronic identity."

You may contact Bob Vale at or he may be reached at 1-770-416-1900.


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Based on Staffdigest's research 96.7% of respondents to their survey of staffing firms perform background checks and 83.6% use an outside service to do this work.

Source: Staffdigest, March/April 2009, Volume 25, No. 6.



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