5 Tips To Improve Your Advertising!

As I am sure you have discovered as you have ventured into advertising your products and services well written copy can be the difference in a campaign that get results versus one that does not. We have helped many of you enhance your copy and here are some tips that are
key to writing great copy that communicates and persuades ... to get results!

1. Remember the greatest motivational principle ever defined – What’s in it for me (WIIFM)

Always write from a ‘customer centered viewpoint, not your company viewpoint.’ In other words, focus on what is important to your reader which means how you can help them solve a problem that they have, get information that they need, etc. not just telling them about what you want to sell them. Think about what your customers are REALLY looking for. Tell them what the product benefits are (how it will help them with a problem that they have) as oppose to telling them about the features and how highly rated and wonderful your product is. More often than not this is greeted with the infamous reaction ‘so what.’

2. First Things First! Your Headline Must Grab Attention or Else All is Lost.

If you do not have a “killer” headline that gets their attention and grabs them then you have already lost. The purpose of the headline is to get them to read the copy. If you don’t grab’em up front then they will never read the great copy you wrote. The key to writing a highly effective headline is to focus on a benefit to the customer that will peak their interest to know more. For example:

Not so good – “The XYZ Company is the Best in the Screening Business”
Much Better – “Are you interested in learning how to get faster and more accurate background checks?”

3. Lose The Jargon and Have a Conversation

Focus on the benefits that your products and service offer and avoid industry jargon, and technical terminology. Remember your goal is for them to understand what you have written, not to impress them with how much you know. Write your copy as if you were having a conversation with the customer. In fact, the best copy will convey that you are personally talking to the person reading it.

4. Use Testimonials

People like to hear from people that have benefited from your products, particularly if the testimony tells about how well your service helped them solve a problem or achieve a desired result. Be sure to provide the persons’ name, title and company. This gives it credibility.

5. Be Very Clear About The Action You Want The Reader To Take. Make The ‘Call For Action’ Explicit!

Don’t assume that because they read your ad that they are now going to do something. Tell them exactly what you want them to do. Call you? Email you! Order today! Write their congressman! Click here to download our white paper right now!



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