The First Annual Background Screening Investigators Conference in India held in Bangalore

As many of you know, Steve Brownstein is one of the most senior players in the background screening industry, a pioneer in international background screening and was the responsible for the industry’s first conference held in Long Beach, CA. This initial conference proved to be a landmark event for the emerging background screening industry. It provided the first forum for firms in the industry to start talking to each other which laid the groundwork for the development of the association now known as NAPBS. Once again Steve’s insight and strategic vision has spawned what in years to come will surely be heralded as another significant landmark event for the background screening industry - the first international background screening conference. The First Annual Background Screening Investigators Conference in India held in Bangalore was a success in bringing together background investigator firms in the emerging India marketplace. With around 30 attendees their was keen interest in dialoguing about what was going on in India and how to facilitate the continued growth in this burgeoning market.

Les Rosen, chairman emeritus of the NAPBS, member of the International Committee and President of ERSCheck was the keynote speaker. He spoke on the importance of establishing industry best practices to form the foundation for creating consistent practices which businesses could expect. Les strongly encouraged background screening firms in India to work together to raise the bar on practices to foster the reputation of overall industry and to forestall many foreign firms from setting up their own internal background screening operations which would be to the detriment of the overall industries growth.

Wayne Tollemache, VP First Advantage, Asia Pacific Region, member of the NAPBS International Committee and Chairman, Asia Pacific Sub-Committee spoke about emerging trends in the region, some of the dynamics impacting the marketplace and the state of background screening in several of the Asian countries.

Barry Nixon, President, and Chairman, NAPBS International Committee spoke about “What is Happening in the International Marketplace.” He shared some of the recent results of the 2007 KPMG Industry survey which were of keen interest to many of the Indian firms in attendance and also discussed some of the similarities and differences with the US market and the emerging marketplace of the United Kingdom and India. He also discussed several noteworthy trends that are impacting the international background screening industry such as the increasing development of Industry Specific Databases to track and report dishonest, discharged, debarred, decertified employees, etc; the emerging role that quality standards are likely to play in the industry and that business standards were inevitable in the international marketplace. The only question is whether firms in the industry will work together to create the standards or whether they will be imposed by regulatory bodies.

Dennis Brownstein, VP Operations, Straightline spoke about their Quality Control program and the impact it is having on significantly improving the quality of their processing of screening data to more than a 98% level of accuracy. Dennis discussed in detail the application of statistical quality control tools and total quality to background screening processes.

Steve Brownstein, President, Straigthline was the final speaker and he gave a lively presentation on criminal record checking in the world and dispelled many issues about being able to get criminal records in many countries. He also emphasized his ‘Can Do’ approach and how this has given him the edge to succeed in getting records where others have not.

The final session was an open discussion which proved to be quite lively with lots ideas being exchanged and questions answered.

Overall, congratulations are in order for Steve for having put together a very worthwhile conference that was educational, offered insightful information and created a forum for India’s background screening firms to dialogue about common industry issues.


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