Volume 7, Edition 6, June 2011

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ANSWER: A, B, and C, but not D. In addition to A, B, and C above, business entities must also (1) ensure the secrecy, accuracy and completeness of consumer information during collection, use and transfer; (2) update and correct information or have a mechanism allowing consumers to update and correct information when it is discovered that such information is not accurate; and (3) obtain consumers’ consent before transferring their information to a third party, except in cases where the law provides otherwise.

Effective July 1 of this year, Vietnam will have a new privacy law called the Consumer Protection Law. This law replaces the 1999 Ordinance on Protection of Consumers Rights. If business entities want to collect, use and transfer information about consumers, which of the following requirements are ones that they must satisfy (you may and should select more than one, but only select all if you think that all are requirements)?

A. Expressly and publicly inform consumers about the purpose of the collection and use of their information before actually collecting, using and transferring such information;

B. Use information about consumers only for the stated purpose;

C. Obtain consent from consumers before using their information;

D. Ensure no electronic storage of consumer information.


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