Volume 4, Edition 8, August 2008


Correct Answer!

Answer : C

As it relates to credit reports, although a non-"nationwide" CRA (as defined in 603 p) does not have an obligation to institute a block of information, it must tell the consumer : 1) the contact information of the credit bureaus, and 2) the contact information of the FTC. 15 U.S.C.1681c-1 (g). The CRA must also notify the furnisher that a allegation of identity theft has been reported. Additionally, if the consumer alleges non-credit information was effected by identity theft, and provides proper identification, a copy of an identity theft police report, and a written allegation of identity theft, a CRA can put a block on such reporting of infprmation. In this instance, the CRA must again notify the furnisher of the consumer's allegation, identity theft report, and request to block the information. 15 U.S.C. 1681c-2.


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