Volume 4, Edition 4, April 2008

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ANSWER: (c) Generally, providing a consumer with a copy of his or her report is done by the end-user if it takes adverse action. However, there are a few situations where a CRA must also provide a report to a consumer. First, under the Free Annual File Disclosure rule in the FCRA, 15 U.S.C. Sec.1681j, a "Nationwide Specialty Consumer Reporting Agency," which is most CRAs who service tenant or employer clients on a national basis, must provide a free annual file disclosure (not just a copy of a consumer report) to a consumer once annually upon that consumer's request. Furthermore, a NSCRA must also have a system in place whereby a consumer can call a toll-free number to request such a report. Additionally, if a CRA contracts with an end-user that the CRA will provide background reports to those consumers who check a box on the disclosure (as some laws require--MN, OK, and CA), then the CRA must provide a copy of the report at no cost to the consumer. As a best practice, a CRA will want to provide a copy of the consumer report to the consumer any time he or she requests it.

Question #5

When must a CRA provide a copy of a consumer report to a consumer?

a) Never, this is the end-user's responsibility

b) When an end-user requests that a CRA do so

c) b and d

d) Once annually


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