Create an E-zine for your Business and Boost Your Sales

As a successful business person, I am sure you have either already started or considered developing an E-zine. The benefits of doing this have been touted by just about every expert knowledgeable about Internet Marketing. It is easy money, but it is not easy work.

You may be thinking while that is all well and good, why should I start an E-zine for my business? After all I am in the background screening business not the publishing business.
Well the answer may surprise you.

Specifically, the benefits that an E-zine presents are:

· Increase Sales by Increasing Lead Generation and Cross Selling Opportunities– An
E-zine keeps your firm in front of your customers and/or prospects and reminds them of your full range of products and services.

  • Creates a Relationship with Your Customers – In the never ending battle for getting and keeping customers,you have an opportunity to build a true competitive advantage that your competitors can not touch – the relationship and trust your customers have with you. Competitors can try to match your pricing, products and services, but it is difficult to unravel a strong relationship. Every time a customer receives an E-zine from you it solidifies the connection between you and your customers.
  • Position Yourself as Leader and Expert Resource - Your E-zine gives wings to your firms’ vision, demonstrates leadership and establishes you as the expert in your field. Your firm becomes a trusted resource.
  • Amplify Your Existing Marketing Efforts – An E-zine leverages your business by keeping your services and products in front of your customers and prospects. It not only ties your marketing efforts together, but also creates a steady stream of valuable information that helps your customers better run their business which is a value added service.

While all of this sounds incredible , the plain the truth is that you don’t have enough time now to do all the things you need to do to run the business not to mention creating an E-zine. You are good at what you do, but time is always short and is a precious commodity. I am also sure you, like most professionals, are challenged by trying to keep providing your clients exemplary service while you continue to try and generate new clients. And, given the growth of the background screening industry there is a steady stream of new companies entering the marketplace to compete with you.

Well, if we could show you a way “to have your cake and eat it too” would you be interested?

Due to the popularity of The Background Buzz and your fantastic reception to it, we are going to make it available as a Private Branded subscription service. We have already done the work, the research and are knowledgeable about the background screening industry. You can share the valuable information from The Background Buzz that you have come to appreciate directly with your clients (minus the ads and competitive information and with your own personalized title/header) to build your relationship with them, to build their confidence in you as a resource and to cross sell your products and services.

Let me share a personal story with you based on my experience of publishing The Background Buzz. About a month ago one of my clients from who receives The Background Buzz was asked by one of their clients if they knew anyone that did workplace violence prevention training. Because they regularly receive The Background Buzz, my client told them sure, I know a firm that specializes in providing workplace violence prevention consulting and gave them my name. We connected and as a result I have gotten a very lucrative consulting engagement. All because someone remembered me because they received The Background Buzz.

It’s not magic, it just works. We will help you by:

  • Allowing you to focus on your business and not having to be distracted by the administrative details associated with producing an E-zine.
  • Taking the load off your shoulders regarding producing an E-zine and meeting a schedule.
  • Creating copy and providing insightful, timely and expert content for you.
  • Creating a customized look that reflects your style, is consistent with your website and branding efforts. We will create a customize header/title just for you that demands attention.

The Issue is Not Should You Publish an E-zine, But More Importantly, When You Will Get Around To Doing It!

We know you have what it takes to publish your own E-zine, but may not know all the tips, tricks and tools that will make it easy, and most importantly probably do not have the time.

Publishing an E-zine regularly is time-consuming work, and we simplify the process, by doing the work for you. We have services available for every step of the E-zine publishing tasks.

Don’t waste your time trying to create you own Ezine, OR leave money on the table by neglecting to create an Ezine.

An E-zine is just one arm of your marketing plan, but it is a powerful one.

Let us make that a whole lot easier for you! Your E-zine should work in the background, not take valuable time from the business, usurp your resources or distract you or your staff. We can make it effortless for you.

Let us help you produce a customized Private Branded E-zine just for your business that builds trust, creates an ongoing relationship with your customers and stimulates more sales of your products and service.
Call me today to get started: Barry Nixon 949-770-5264 or email me at

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