Happy New Year and Welcome to the First Edition of the Background Buzz Insider for 2009.

This edition is sponsored by Liberty Alliance Background Screening. Be sure to read the article ‘Survive the Recession’ by Michael Neidle, President of Optimal Management, which appears in the January 2009 edition of SI Review. It is one of the best I have seen that gives specific advice for what you can do to not simply try to ‘weather the storm,’ but more importantly how to go on the offensive to maintain your profitability.

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Survive the Recession, SI Review January 2009
How the Current Economic Crisis Might Impact Staffing

Client and Customer Relations. Your survival depends on being profitable, and everything starts with sales. So we have broken out revenue into four groups:

· Key Clients, where you have a strong relationship and do a lot of business
· Other Clients, where strong relations exist, but where you do limited volume
· Key Customers, where sales are good, but it's all about price and you are just another vendor
· Other Customers, where sales are low and you are just another vendor

If there was ever a time to get close to these groups it is now. Your priority should be to lock in your Key Clients, then maximize your volume with your Other Clients, then find out what is needed to convert your Key Customers into Key Clients and lastly to increase your business with your Other Customers. Remember your competitors are likely doing everything they can to woo them away from you, and a good defense is the best offense. Get to know their key decision makers and their hot buttons. Find out what they are thinking by spending quality time with them in an informal setting to lower communications barriers. Find out how you can help them.

New account penetration. While you are defending your flanks you need to proactively pursue new business to take accounts away from our competitors, who will jealously be defending their customer base in a down economy.

To Read This Article And See A Sample Of Some Of The Questions You Might Ask And Issues You Might Address To Get Closer To You Clients And Customers As Well As Several Main Elements To Successfully Penetrate New Accounts Go To: http://www.staffingindustry.com/ME2/dirmod.asp?sid=9B6FFC446FF7486981EA3C0C3CCE4943

Issue Date: Staffing Industry Review Magazine
January 2009 Issue, Posted On: 1/5/2009

Survive the Recession, SI Review January 2009
How the Current Economic Crisis Might Impact Staffing Inc.

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