The Background Buzz Insider
February 17, 2009

The Pro’s and Con’s of the 10 Most Common Ways to Reach HR Buyers

Any sound marketing plan includes a portfolio of activities that go from low cost per lead to high cost per lead, from one-to-one marketing to broader reaching programs, from traditional media to emerging media, from below the line programs to above the line programs. You should manage marketing initiatives like an investment portfolio. Smart marketers diversify media to reduce risks and achieve a more certain outcome.

Every year, you face a marketing budget that needs to be allocated to a series of initiatives. Because one of those initiatives is media investment, we wanted to share the pro’s and con’s of each alternative so that you can make a more informed media investment decision. We’re sharing our thoughts on the first five alternatives this week and following them up with the rest next week. This week’s list includes renting targeted email lists, Search Engine Marketing, profiled/self sourced lists, house lists, and purchased lists. Next week you’ll see web advertising, print media, webinar and research paper tracks, trade shows, and social media/blogs.

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