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March 9, 2009

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7 Steps to the Perfect Marketing Plan

One of the most powerful strategic planning tools your business can possess is a marketing plan. I'm not referring to an academic exercise found in college marketing textbooks. Your marketing plan should be a simple document that specifically answers who you are, what you do, who needs what you do and how you plan to attract their attention. Follow these seven simple steps to build the perfect marketing plan:

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Special Alert!

Google’s Nationwide Reverse Telephone Feature May Give Anyone Your Home Address

Google has implemented a new feature which enables you to type a telephone number into the search bar and hit enter, and you will be given the person's name and address. If you then hit MapQuest, you will get a map to the person's house. Everyone should be aware of this! It's a nationwide reverse telephone book. In order to test whether your phone number is mapped, go to Google at , type your phone number in the search bar (e.g. 555-555-1212 ) and press enter. Please note that there are numerous firms that provide reverse telephone services and some of these may come up. The Google one will have this image directly under Phonebooks results for XXX-XXX-XXXX.

It may be okay for your business, but for your personal home number it could be very problemmatic. For example, if your child gives out his/her phone number, someone can now look it up to find out where he/she lives. The safety issues are obvious and alarming. If you want to BLOCK Google from divulging your private information, simply click on your telephone number and then click on the Removal Form. Removal takes 48-hours.

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