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November, 2009


With Thanksgiving only about two weeks away I want to wish all of you and your families a very happy and enjoyable Thanksgiving celebration. I also wanted to personally thank you for making it possible for us to be in business to reach our five year anniversay.

With the tradeshow season virtually at an end for the year and most firms planning on their next year activities I thought it was timely to send you an article on planning for effective tradeshows to maximize your investment.

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Feature Article:

How to Make the Most of Trade Shows

The Internet may have profoundly changed the business of marketing, but the trade show endures. In fact, it thrives. In many industries, attendance is practically mandatory -- if you're not there, you're not anywhere. For many seasoned companies, however, trade shows are less an opportunity to book new orders than a time to strengthen relationships, according to Jonathan Smiga, vice president of marketing for Chuao Chocolatier, of Carlsbad, California. "We're all so busy," says Smiga, "but for those two or three days, we're all gathering at one place."

Because trade shows draw a lot of industry press attention, along with potential customers, companies often use them to unveil new products. But savvy companies aim to make a broader impression as well. "It's a great time to show the marketplace that you're improving your business. Maybe you're in a bigger booth than last year," says Smiga. "You are a material player who's evolving, with more resources that you can bring to their needs."

Still, the trade show is a costly marketing channel. "Compared to other options," says Ruth P. Stevens, a New York City -- based consultant, "exhibiting at a trade show is the single most expensive medium choice." One option is to concentrate your firepower. "Do fewer shows, but do them better," says Smiga. "Pick the ones where you can be a star."

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