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December 4, 2012

“Your Fortune is in the Follow Up!”

Most business owners are good at making an offer to prospects or reaching out to new customers. It’s the follow-up where they fall down. Why? Because they figure, “if they wanted my services, they’d finish the transaction,” or they worry, “if I bother them too much, I’ll come off as needy.” Here’s the thing: While you’re worrying about bugging a prospective customer or telling yourself that maybe “they’re just not that into me,” someone else is following up and sealing the deal!

“No” is just a little bump on the road to “yes.”

Remember that most people do need time to make a decision, but they also need to hear/see/feel your message repeatedly. Also remember, they are busy people too, so when someone expresses interest in your offerings, but they aren’t quite ready to sign on the dotted line, they can often be persuaded with a polite follow up.

Here are some other follow-up methods to consider:

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