As we rapidly approach Thanksgiving I want to pause for a moment and say thank you to all of you who have contributed to the success of The Background Buzz, The Employment Screening Journal and It has been a tremendous experience working with you and we are humbled by the support you have given us. I further want to wish you and your family a happy Thanksgiving filled with blessings, lots of good food and fellowship with your family. Finally, despite our country and industry facing unprecedented challenges we still have much to be thankful for and perhaps more so than before this may be the year to reach out to those less fortunate than us to help them have a happy Thanksgiving too. Adds Platinum Plus Membership Level with Guaranteed Number of Leads

We are excited to add a brand new category to our very popular Platinum Membership called Platinum Plus. The Platinum Plus Membership will carry a service guarantee that you will receive no less than 100 leads during your 12 month membership period or we will refund 100% of your payment. Please note that this offer only applies to consumer reporting agencies that sell applicants or employees information directly to US based end user firms. This offer does not apply to Suppliers to background screening firms, e.g., court house researchers, wholesales, etc.

You are probably thinking, what is the catch? How can we make such as an offer? We can make this offer because we are the leading online background screening directory and have more background screening firms listed than the combined buyers guides for ASIS International, SHRM, Workforce Magazine and NAPBS. In addition, we aggressively market on the web, at relevant tradeshows, use print media, presentations, etc. to ensure visibility within the human resource and security community. The Directory is becoming one of the leading ways that firms can find a background screening firm to meet their needs.

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We have been presented with the opportunity to provide an on-going column on background screening in PI Magazine which is the voice of the PI industry. To solidify the column and fit with PI Magazines model we are seeking advertising sponsors for the column which will debut in the Jan/Feb edition.

Did you know that there are 45,000 active PI’s currently in the US and that 75% of them conduct background checks? Also did you know that PI’s spend approximately $60 million on data providing services annually?

In these challenging times when every dollar counts you may want to examine is your firm maximizing its’ penetration of the PI industry and are there untapped opportunities for your products. The Background Screening Column will give you a great opportunity to reach out to the PI community to generate more sales and revenue. Please note that column sponsors will be offered a discount rate below the regular advertising rates. If you are interested in advertising and finding out about the discounted rates please click here now.

It is our intent to reach out to our column sponsors to identify relevant topic areas that we can write on or to even co-author articles with us to maximize your marketing efforts. We look forward to working with you on this new exciting advertising opportunity.

2009 Budget Season is Here!

We Specialize in Promoting the Products and Services of businesses in the Background Screening Industry. Advertise with us in 2009:

Need More Revenue?

Experience and savvy marketers know that it is significantly easier and takes less resources to sell additional
services to your current clients then to new ones.

With this thought in mind, we are looking for a few firms that are interested in distributing our upcoming online Workplace Violence Prevention training series that will offer a comprehensive set of modules that will significantly reduce the cost of training versus class room training. As many of you know, our primary business is workplace violence prevention consulting and training and we are noticing that more employers are asking us about the availability of online courses on workplace violence prevention. Accordingly, we are creating a series of modules
that will satisfy this need. We would like to offer you a ground floor opportunity to resell the series to your clients
at a hefty margin. We will provide you with marketing, and collateral materials.

If you are interested in finding out more about how you can profit from our workplace violence prevention series please click here for more information.

Hot Off the Press!

The National Institute for Prevention of Workplace Violence, Inc., one of the nations’ premier consulting firms focused on preventing workplace violence purchases leading workplace violence prevention publication – Workplace Violence Prevention Reporter.

W. Barry Nixon, SPHR, founder of The National Institute for Prevention of Workplace Violence, Inc., said, “ we are absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to add a quality publication such as the Workplace Violence Prevention Reporter to our list of publications and believe it will be instrumental in keeping security, human resources, safety and risk management managers informed about the latest information on workplace violence.” Nixon, further added that they will be re-launching the publication in an online version early in 2009 and will be adding in feature columns written by industry experts on many relevant subjects such as background screening, threat assessments, incident assessments, anger management, etc. In addition, it was announced that the new webzine will accept advertisements.

Stay tuned for more announcements about this exciting new opportunity to advertise your company.