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Unleash the Emotional Appeal of Your Product

With the notion that background screening is a commodity being ever present and insight that close to a third of businesses are not pleased with their background screening provider I thought the book MarketBusters offers an interesting perspective that might prove useful. The Book encourages companies to think about how adding an emotional appeal to their offerings can create massive differentiation in an otherwise crowded field.

Some examples included that illustratie this type of competitive differentiation include:

  • the ordinary light bulb - you wouldn't think there was much to get emotional about there, would you? And yet, pink-shaded bulbs for make-up mirrors (for those of us who are no longer in the first blush of youth), piercingly bright lights for security purposes, and lately of course the "feel green" appeal of compact fluorescents are all examples of adding a formerly emotional tag to a fairly mature product category.

Some companies of course have known this all along - after all, with one sneaker being pretty much like another, it's the feeling of a Nike swoosh that makes for major advantage. And the Kodak moment? At one stage those soppy commercials could bring me to tears.

The Book calls positive emotional appeals "exciter" features and encourages companies to think about how they might leverage the potential of an emotional element. It seems that more and more organizations are finding that as technologies are copied instantly and the web levels the playing field on things like local pricing, emotions remain a strong differentiator.

So how do you get at the power of emotions in the things you offer?

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Get Your Website Included in Google News

Krishna Bharat wanted information from multiple news sources in the aftermath of 9/11. So he created a program that crawled major news websites and displayed consolidated lists and descriptions. This was how Google News was created. Since then Google News has gone mainstream and become the de facto standard for many to track breaking and industry-specific news. Google News is currently one of the top five visited news portals in the world — reason enough to get your site in the mix. And outside of direct traffic, many people also end up on Google news through their email news alert service, RSS readers and referrals from their friends and colleagues. And because of the customizable nature of Google News, you can get targeted traffic from niche industries. There are also serious SEO benefits. If a website is prominently listed in Google News, other websites and bloggers will link to that news article as a citation. So getting your website included in Google News must be part of your SEO strategy.

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