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No Right to Bear Arms on Employer’s Property

The Oklahoma Supreme Court has held that "there is no absolute common-law or constitutional right to carry loaded weapons at all times and in all circumstances." The court further stated that "an individual's right to keep and bear arms under a State Constitution is not absolute, but remains subject to reasonable regulation under the State's police power." Id. at 902-03. The Oklahoma Legislature has similarly expressed the necessity of regulating the use of firearms in its "Legislative Findings for Firearms Act": The Legislature finds as a matter of public policy and fact that it is necessary for the safe and lawful use of firearms to curb and prevent crime wherein weapons are used by enacting legislation having the purpose of controlling the use of firearms, and of prevention of their use, without unnecessarily denying their lawful use in defense of life, home and property . . . including their use and transportation for lawful purposes. In our view, § 1290.22 of the Self-Defense Act, prior to its amendment in 2004, is an example of the kind of reasonable regulation of firearms contemplated by those statements. Weyco was acting under the authority of that section when it applied its no-firearms policy to plaintiffs' vehicles.

05-7037 -- Bastible v. Weyerhaeuser Co. -- 02/13/2006


Valuation Update for the Security Industry, April 30, 2006

Background Screening

Company Market Share Share Price
247.8 25.92
CHOICEPOINT INC 3 794.7 44.03

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Proposed Law Could Put the Freeze on Ice Truck Drivers with Criminal Background

Rep. Kevin Joyce, D-Chicago, Il has introduced a bill that would require Ice cream truck workers to undergo criminal background checks as a way to weed out rapists and murderers from plying neighborhood streets with that familiar jingle. The Ice Cream Truck Worker Registration Act, HB4457 requires ice cream truck workers to obtain an Ice Cream Truck Worker Identification Card from the Department of State Police. Sets forth rules and procedures for obtaining an identification card. It further provides that an application for an identification card shall be denied if the applicant (i) has ever been convicted of any sex offense, (ii) is a registered sex offender, or (iii) has ever been convicted of any homicide offense. Contains other ice cream truck worker requirements. Provides that an ice cream truck owner, upon the request of the municipality or county within which the ice cream truck is to operate, must provide copies of all Ice Cream Truck Worker Identification Cards for employees.

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Governor Riley Signs Law to Protect Social Security Numbers

MONTGOMERY – On April 27, 2006, Governor Bob Riley signed legislation intended to prevent identity theft by enhancing privacy protections of Social Security numbers. The new law signed by Governor Riley on Thursday prohibits any state agency, department or board from revealing or placing the Social Security number of a person on any document available for public inspection without the person’s consent. Earlier in his term, Governor Riley instructed Cabinet agencies to take similar steps to avoid disclosing Social Security numbers on publicly available documents. “In an era when identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America, this change is a common sense way to enhance the privacy protections of our citizens,” said Governor Riley. “Social Security numbers are much sought after by identity thieves who use them to assume a person’s identity and commit fraud. Alabamians can feel a little safer because of the restrictions being put on the disclosure of their Social Security numbers.” Under the new law, if a person does not give consent to reveal their Social Security number on a state government document, the state must redact, remove or cover the number before making the document available for public inspection. The law does contain exceptions for certain documents including liens, records of judgment such as convictions, and bankruptcy filings. Senator Del Marsh and Representative Steve Hurst sponsored the bill, and Governor Riley expressed his appreciation to them for working to get it passed by the Legislature. The law goes into effect on July 1.

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Michigan’s Governor’s Rallies Legislative Action on Background Checks

On February 17, 2006 Governor Jennifer M. Granholm signed legislation requiring criminal background checks for workers in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. The Governor applauded the Legislature for taking quick, bipartisan action on the legislation which she first called for last year. “I’m pleased to sign legislation that will help protect our state’s most vulnerable citizens in the long-term care facilities they call home,” Granholm said. “By requiring background checks on new employees, we can ensure that people who shouldn’t have access to our parents and grandparents don’t.” In September 2005, Granholm stood with health care providers and a bipartisan group of legislators to call for improved safety standards in long-term care facilities by requiring background checks for all new employees. “This legislation makes Michigan a leader at the national level by requiring federal checks of all new employees who have direct access to elderly and disabled patients,” said Janet Olszewski, director of the Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH). Last fall, MDCH received $5 million in federal monies to implement the proposed background-check system. In order to participate in the grant, Michigan needed tough, new laws that required background checks on individuals who provide direct-care services to individuals in a long-term care facility. The background check must be conducted prior to an individual’s employment or conditional employment. Michigan will incorporate most types of providers into its background-check pilot project, including skilled nursing facilities/nursing facilities, long-term care hospitals/hospitals with swing beds, intermediate care facilities for persons with mental retardation (ICF/MR), home health agencies, residential care and assisted living facilities, and hospices.

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Florida State Attorney General Files “false-claims case” Lawsuit against Convergys Corp.

Florida State Attorney General Charlie Crist is pursuing a “false-claims case” against Convergys Corp., according to the Miami Herald. The politically charged case stems from allegations by former Convergys employee Sam McDowell that the Cincinnati-based HR services company failed to safeguard confidential information about Florida state employees, such as Social Security numbers and medical records. The decision comes just weeks after McDowell filed court motions accusing Crist of “refusing to act on complaints about the company because Convergys contributed to Crist's campaign for the Florida governorship,” according to the Cincinnati Business Courier. Crist is one of two Republicans running to replace term-limited Florida Gov. Jeb Bush in a September primary. It is unclear how much money Convergys may have donated to Crist’s campaign.

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Jurors' Criminal Records Discovered During or After Trial Can Trigger Mistrials

Many in the legal profession -- particularly prosecutors -- are calling for background checks on jurors. Lack of truthfulness on jury questionnaires is a growing problem that is prompting calls for criminal background checks of jurors. Jurors' criminal records are being discovered during or after trial, triggering mistrials and providing grounds for appeal across the country. Most prosecutors view the background check as a solid investigative tool that helps them weed out the liars early on, and avoid a mistrial down the road. In the 2000 landmark case that granted prosecutors that broad authority, the Virginia Court of Appeals ruled that it isn't unfair for prosecutors to conduct criminal background checks on jurors and withhold the information from the defense. Salmon v. Commonwealth of Virginia, 529 S.E.2d 815. "It works," said Suffolk County, Mass., District Attorney Daniel F. Conley, who in the last year and a half has had more than a dozen potential jurors dismissed from cases for lying about their criminal pasts. "We believe that we are getting juries that are open minded, that are not carrying a bias to police or prosecutors."

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Cable Installers & Criminal Backgrounds

KSDK I-Team reporter Mike Owens discovered that the person sent by a cable company is not necessarily someone you would want working in your home. He found that Charter Communications in St. Louis subcontracts much of their service work to outside companies. The contractors are licensed, bonded and insured. But no one, not Charter, not local governments, knows whom these subcontractors hire and send into your home. This came to light base on a case in which the cable guy that came to Evan Buxner's house may have stolen jewelry. Police arrested James Hickman, the cable guy and charged him with stealing. In another situation News Channel 5 ran a simple check, on a subcontracted employee and discovered two orders of protection have been filed against him and he is wanted on three outstanding traffic tickets. Even though he was driving his own vehicle, which is registered in his name, his driver's license has been suspended.

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In June of 2005, The National Institute for the Prevention of Workplace Violence, Inc. conducted a survey on the current practices that businesses were using to conduct background screenings. The survey explored in depth the full realm of checking applicants backgrounds ranging from the types of checks conducted, to the content contained in background screening policies to key selection factors in choosing an outsourced background screening firm.

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Workplace Privacy: What Every Employers Should Know

Lisa J. Sotto and Elisabeth M. McCarthy*

Employers must juggle a panoply of privacy issues when it comes to the employee relationship. Beginning with pre-employment background screening through the disposal of employee personal information, employers confront a multitude of privacy issues. The widespread use of technology in the workplace and the ease and speed with which information now flows has only served to further confound employers. In the U.S., there is no omnibus employee privacy law. Instead, employers are faced with a patchwork of privacy laws that are varied and complex. This article focuses on two employer privacy issues: background screening and the disposal of consumer report information.

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Many U.S. Multinationals do Little to Meet Overseas Employee Data Privacy Rules

While some multinationals take employee data guidelines seriously, many firms haven’t done much to meet privacy law, analysts say. And employee privacy is more than a mere compliance matter, says Nuala O’Connor Kelly, chief privacy leader at General Electric. A breach of employee data could be as damaging to a company’s reputation as a consumer data breach, she says. General Electric is in the midst of getting European approvals for a worldwide employee privacy policy it has drawn up—a policy that could serve as a model for other firms. "Privacy is to the information age what the environment was to the industrial age," O’Connor Kelly says. These rules are looming larger these days because ever-more international firms are seeking to consolidate their workforce data and use it to make better decisions. What’s more, the rise of outsourcing has increased the amount of employee data zapped outside of companies and countries.

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Australian Background Checking Service (AusCheck) will manage security checks for port worker cards

Documents from the Attorney-General's department criticise the plan to introduce Maritime Security Identification Cards and raise concerns that the delays that stymied the introduction of Aviation Security Identification Cards earlier this year could be repeated. Both schemes are designed to ensure workers in the transport industry are screened to protect against terrorism and crime. From July, a new body in the Attorney-General's department called AusCheck - the Australian Background Checking Service - will assess applicants for the port worker cards. When fully operational, AusCheck will be used for background checks in other industries.

For More Information go to:,20867,19097059-5001561,00.html

UK Experiences Massive surge in fraud in 2005

Fraud rocketed in 2005, with a surge in the second half of the year resulting in over £900m of fraud – up nearly three times from the previous year (£329m), and the highest recorded level since 1995, according to KPMG Forensic’s Fraud Barometer. The research which identifies major fraud cases being heard in the UK (charges of over £100,000 in the Crown Court) saw 222 cases reaching court over the course of 2005, up from 174 cases in 2004. Jeremy Outen, partner at KPMG Forensic, said: “There has been a worrying boom in fraud in recent months . . .With both the number and the average value of frauds increasing, companies and individuals need to be more watchful than ever.” Cases against financial institutions include instances of an employee feeding information or sending funds to outside accomplices. Two such cases in the last sixth months were between them worth nearly £1m. The issue of employees placed or groomed by criminal gangs is one that has been flagged in recent months by the Financial Services Authority.

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Culture Clash: Customs Can Impact Processes, Too

Cultures and customs vary greatly among countries, adding factors to consider when doing background checks. In Asia, for example, taking into consideration family connections and affiliations can mean the difference between a good and an unacceptable background check. In China “the extended family is a core part of life, and you have to understand where this person's extended family lives and who they are," says Charles Champagne, director of marketing and strategic development at Hill & Associates. A family member who obtains a job at a particular manufacturer may siphon off that company's intellectual property to a cousin who owns a competing company. "Within six months, their products are being counterfeited throughout China," Champagne says. Part of the issue concerns ethics and integrity, he says, "They won't necessarily feel like they are doing something bad by deliberately sending business toward a family member or friend," Champagne says. There are many other potentially volatile cultural issues. In some countries, for example, people may be offended if the background checker pulls a credit report. In others, a gap in a voter registration record based on your addresses may lead people to assume you were incarcerated. And in still others, certain political crimes that may not be offensive to Americans are considered unacceptable.

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Getting Wise to Lies, by LISA TAKEUCHI CULLEN, Time, May 1, 2006
Alarmed about the prevalence of résumé padding, employers are turning fib detection into an industry

Workplace Aggression is Common, Human Resource Executive, May 2006
According to: “Prevalence of Workplace Aggression in the US Workforce: Findings From a National Study, published in the Handbook of Workplace Violence in February” close to 47 million American workers are victims of aggression, facing psychological and physical attacks at work.


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