Now that another very successful NAPBS conference has concluded and the jubilance of comradeship and the delights of New Orleans are a fading memory, it is back to the grindstone to generate some business. As a marketer that specializes in marketing firms in the background screening industry, one of the consistent messages, I am hearing is that people are concerned about a looming recession, hiring declining and diminishing margins, all which spell trouble for the bottom line. The good news is that the majority of folks are looking beyond the ‘gloom and doom’ and embracing the future to continue to grow their business despite the business challenges that scatter

the road to growth like potholes. As the old saying goes, “when going gets tough, the tough get going’ and I have every reason to believe that this is a resilient bunch that will find ways to succeed.

I believe the role of a good business partner is to recognize the challenges that their clients are facing and to support them in tough times by developing programs that will contribute to the client achieving their business goals. It is conventional business wisdom that during hard times it is more important than ever to make sure that you maintain an appropriate level of highly focused marketing. Managing expenses in tight times is critical, however, don’t forget that the way to sustained profitability in a depressed market is by maintaining or increasing sales.

We continue to believe in the strength of the background screening industry and as such continue to offer innovative marketing tools to help you generate more business. As a business we are facing many of the challenges you are, however, our belief is that if we offer you valuable services during hard times at a reasonable price that you will remember us when the good time return and will reward us with more of your business.

Thanks and happy selling!

With this thought in mind, as we go into conference season, we thought we would share with you some recent articles on marketing that have particular relevance to enhancing your trade show exhibiting.

Follow Up With Prospects

People have many reasons for not immediately making a desired purchase, or giving you the response you want. They may be shopping around, or procrastinating. They may be very busy, or distracted, or broke, or tired. They may have just forgotten, or misplaced your information. They may not be ready, or maybe they’re just not comfortable trusting you yet.

Lot’s of things can go wrong in the purchase process.

It's your job to follow up with these customers. If your company gives the typical response, and will just follow up a single time with prospective clients, then your advertising return on investment is not even close to being maximized.

And how do prospects respond when you follow up again? This is about human nature. People respect a company that is organized enough to follow up in a planned fashion. It shows that you are interested in customer service and customer satisfaction. Because so many companies don’t follow up, you stand out from the crowd. You follow up, and you win customers.

You never know where a prospect is in the sales process unless you stay in contact long enough to find out. And with each contact follow up you make, you increase the odds that a client will act on your offer.

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Successful Exhibiting Strategies in Uncertain Times

Trade Shows Have Shown Strong Growth
Since 2002, the trade show and event industry has enjoyed positive growth, driven by strong corporate profits, convention center expansion, low airfares, healthy corporate travel budgets, the need for training and education, historically low interest rates, and the continued embrace of event marketing to reach buyers (Tradeshow Week – “Executive Outlook 2007”). However, 2007 ended with relatively flat growth (+1.6%), and 2008 has become a year of uncertainty and questioning of what will happen next.

Exhibiting Facing Current Uncertainty
Many of us in the exhibiting industry are faced with no growth budgets, but, even worse, funding has been withdrawn to protect our organization’s bottom line or for other seemingly more effective marketing communications. Our managers and owners are concerned with the economic impact of the fall’s election: Will a change in administration mean a change in the business climate? But, the biggest issue for us as exhibit professionals is what to say or do when your management says, “Let’s get out of trade shows” or “Let’s reduce our budgets” or “Let’s reduce our participation in trade events.”

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