Victoria Reggie Kennedy: 'Remember: The Child You Save May Be Your Own.'


Endorsing Safe Schools, Safe Students and Their Proactive Child Safety Campaign - Safe Communities = Safe Schools


Story Filed: Friday, August 11, 2000 6:00 AM EST


PRESCOTT, Ariz., Aug 11, 2000 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Safe Schools, Safe Students is proud to announce its partnerships with some of the leading child advocacy groups in the United States. Safe Schools, Safe Students, organizer and coordinator of Safe Communities = Safe Schools = Safe Students week is working diligently to provide community/family based solutions to today's violent youth problems.


Victoria Reggie Kennedy, President of Common Sense about Kids and Guns and wife of the Honorable Senator Edward Kennedy (D) Ma. stated earlier today: "Common Sense and the unprecedented, diverse coalition of organizations endorsing the message of safety and responsibility have joined together with Safe Schools, Safe Students because of one overreaching principle: the safety and protection of our children is paramount. Safe Schools, Safe Students and their Safe Communities = Safe Schools Awareness campaign are united in our belief that we can best protect our children by addressing the issue of child safety in a responsible and inclusive way. We are proud to endorse their campaign. Remember: the child you save may be your own."


Big Brothers, Big Sisters national director Judy Vredenburgh announced their endorsement in this statement: "Big Brothers, Big Sisters is proud to endorse the Safe Communities = Safe Schools campaign and are pleased to support such a quality program which will heighten awareness of school and community safety issues while providing information on programs currently working across the nation to create a safer environment for the students of our schools."


"The message of empowerment embodied in the Student Pledge Against Gun Violence is strongly reinforced by the Safe Communities = Safe Schools campaign. October 17, this year's Day of National Concern about Young People and Gun Violence, falls right in the middle of National Safe Schools Week. The overlap of these two initiatives strengthens both, creating an even broader context of awareness for schools and communities all over the country. We endorse this wonderful event and look forward to working with Safe Schools, Safe Students in the years to come."



Mary Lewis Grow, founder and National Coordinator Teri Schroeder, President of I-SAFE America, ( announced together with Rod Beaumont, of Safe Schools, their collaborating partnership for the I-SAFE America Virtual Awareness Day, October 19, 2000.


Ms. Schroeder stated, "This Partnership is very important to us as a Foundation. Our emphasis on Protecting The Voices of Kids/Teens Online is clearly supported by Safe Schools and that support fostered recognition for the I-SAFE America Virtual Awareness Day." Literally millions of kids access the internet daily and we are happy to align with Safe Schools to promote the voice of safety, on behalf of all kids traveling on the information highway, during National Safety Week.


Safe Schools, Safe Students has the internationally recognized most comprehensive web site on Student Safety issues, including the most comprehensive list of school related violence dating back to 1927. Providing information as well as resources to aid parents, teachers and law enforcement officials they are one of the top authorities on child bullying and suicide.


Tim Field, author of "Bully in Sight" and regarded as the world's leading authority on bullying in both the school and the workplace endorses the Safe Schools, Safe Students initiative. "This is by far the best site I have seen in the US and Canada tackling the challenges and fears of our students. We look forward to working closely to support their efforts."



Additional quotes and endorsements include: "Safe Schools, Safe Students is an excellent illustration and nationwide model of how Arizona's citizens can work together to help better the lives of the children in our state. You have done a wonderful job." Jane Dee Hull, Governor, State of Arizona.


"Ensuring a safe learning environment for our students is very important to me, I appreciate (Safe Schools, Safe Students) and the work they are doing." Howard Dean, M.D. Governor, State of Vermont.


"I appreciate and applaud Safe Schools, Safe Students willingness to help make our communities and children's lives a little safer." Michael O. Leavitt, Governor, State of Utah.


"I appreciate Safe Schools, Safe Students working to implement new programs and courses in our communities to make schools safer and more productive environments. Please feel free to contact me if I may be of any service." W.A. Drew Edmondson, Attorney General, State of Oklahoma.


"Safe Schools, Safe Students is a wonderful resource for parents and teachers, providing information about violence prevention programs that are influencing our children in a positive way in many places across Arizona and the United States." Linda Binder, State Representative, AZ.


"In this time of escalating violence among our youth, I believe the Safe Schools, Safe Students program can only provide positive benefits to all. I wholeheartedly support this program." Kathi Foster, State Representative, AZ.


"I commend you for your innovative program to promote a safe and secure atmosphere for teachers and students. Your program 'Safe Schools, Safe Students, is a wonderful approach to ensuring that teachers and students know what to do in emergency situations as well as keeping up to date on the latest safety related issues facing today's schools." Lori D. Daniels, State Representative - Majority Leader, AZ.


"Safe Schools, Safe Students has come forward and said, 'We want to be part of the solution.' To accomplish this goal, they have become a clearinghouse of information to those interested in making our schools and communities a safe place for our young people. I support Safe Schools, Safe Students in actively eliminating youth violence." Charles E. Seder. Sr. Chief of Police. Prescott Valley. AZ


Parents can visit the site for all types of help as can the media, teachers and law enforcement personnel. "Our greatest need at this time is for corporate sponsors," stated Founder Rod Beaumont. "It appears that in many cases the media and the business world would rather these problems just disappeared -- what they do not realize is that the problems of today's violent youth will soon be their violent workers and will affect their bottom line. An investment now would go a long way to preventing other Columbines, Puducahs and child initiated violence. Safe Schools, Safe Students have well tried and proven resources and workshops including the popular family 'Never Be A Victim' series available for schools and parents. Additionally they publish a monthly newsletter for parents, community leaders and law enforcement officials."


So far Governor's in the following states have officially declared the Week of Oct 15 - 21, 2000, Safe Communities = Safe Schools = Safe Students Week: Rhode Island; Pennsylvania; California; Texas; New Hampshire; Louisiana and South Carolina an additional 30 states are expected to issue proclamations within the next two weeks.


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