Policy Name: WORKPLACE VIOLENCE No. 03-30-120
Effective Date: April 16, 1999

1. General

Violence or threats of violence will not be tolerated. OHSU seeks a safe
environment for its employees, patients, visitors, students and guests. OHSU
is committed to working with its employees to maintain a work environment
free from violence or threats of violence.

Violence Prohibited

Prohibited behavior includes oral or written statements, electronic
communications, gestures, or other expressions that communicate a direct or
indirect threat of physical harm to another. Individuals who commit such
acts may be removed from the premises and may be subject to disciplinary action,
criminal penalties, or both.


OHSU Public Safety or police should be contacted if violence or threats of
violence require immediate attention. Police contacts should also be
reported to the Public Safety Office.

Employees observing or experiencing violent behavior by anyone on University
premises (whether it is an employee, or patient, visitor, or student) should
report it immediately to a supervisor or manager. Supervisors and managers
who receive such reports should contact the Human Resources Department. The
Human Resources Department will investigate the incident and assist the
supervisor or manager in initiating appropriate action.

Background:Related policies, procedures and forms:
formerly Policy 03-90-120 Responsible office: Human Resources