Ceasefire Oregon Presents Gun-Free Workplace Workshop



Contact Information:

Diana Madarieta

Ceasefire Oregon

921 SW Morrison

Suite 424

Portland, OR 97205

(503) 220-1669


Ceasefire Oregon will present a half-day workshop - "Gun Free Workplaces:

What Does It Take?" - Tuesday, September 19, 2000, for businesses,

non-profits, government agencies and other employers.


The workshop will offer the employers attending the tools they need to

develop and implement gun violence prevention policies in the workplace.


"Business leaders should know that violence at home and in the workplace is

more than a moral issue. It's a bottom-line issue too. It raises absenteeism

and health care cost; and it drives down productivity", said Paul Charron,

Chairman and CEO of Liz Claiborne Inc.


With double the number of Americans applying to buy firearms in 1999 as did

in 1998, the workplace becomes more and more susceptible to gun violence, as

do other sites.


Ceasefire Oregon has invited lawyers, an insurance industry representative

and an authority on domestic violence to address questions of liability,

insurance coverage and the affects of domestic violence in the workplace.

Speakers will also address the impacts of gun violence on employees and the

strategies employers can use to mitigate those impacts.


The workshop is scheduled for September 19, 2000 from 8 am to noon at Legacy

Emanuel Hospital's Lorenzen Conference Center, 301 N Graham Street.


Conference Speakers include: Fred Lenzser, District Deputy Attorney for

Multnomah County, Paula Barran of Barran, Liebman LLP; Chiquita Rollins,

Domestic Violence coordinator for Multnomah County; Thomas Andersen of SAIF

Corporation and Brian Malte of Handgun Control Inc. Portland City

Commissioner Dan Saltzman and Bill Goss, Security Director for Legacy Health

Systems will welcome workshop participants.


For additional information on "Gun Free Workplaces: What Does It Take?"

please contact Ceasefire Oregon at 503/220-1669. Ceasefire Oregon is a

community-based organization dedicated to building safe and healthy

communities free from gun violence.