Profiling the Lethal Employee: Case Studies of Violence in the Workplace. By Michael D. Kelleher; published by Praeger

       Publishers, 800/225-5800 (phone), 203/222-1502 (fax); 155 pages; $55.


       In writing this book, Michael D. Kelleher sounds another clarion call to the security industry and the corporate world about the

       simmering threat of violence in the workplace. Profiling the potential workplace killer, Kelleher focuses on statistics and case studies.

       Employee homicide, he points out, represents a full 20 percent of deaths in the American workplace, a fact that rivets the reader's

       attention from the onset.


       This book, targeted to a widespread managerial audience, shows that workplace violence is severe and increasing. But that's just a

       backdrop to the focus of this book: recognizing the lethal employee, intervening before an angry worker turns violent, and preventing

       violence in the workplace through a variety of methods such as staff training.


       The meat of the book is in the case studies of employee violence, which are vivid and highly detailed. In fact, these case studies set

       the book apart from other literature. In thirteen extensive case studies, factors such as obsession, job stress, depression, drug abuse,

       and previous violence are discussed as triggering elements or typical predictors of workplace violence.


       In every case study depicted here, an argument or termination was the catalyst for workplace violence. To assuage potentially

       inflammatory situations before they erupt, Kelleher presents a formula for treating the employee with respect and consideration, even

       if the problem can only be settled via termination. Kelleher's techniques are designed to prevent the employee from feeling stranded

       with no alternatives. Management is prompted to enact measures that will dignify the employee as a person. In sum, the author

       suggests a kinder, gentler approach to counseling.


       Reviewer: Joseph A. Reilly, CPP, is the director of internal audit, Liquidation Bureau, New York State Insurance Department.

       Following twenty years in the New York City Police Department, he has been in private security for sixteen years. He is a member

       of ASIS.