Human Resources




Subject: Workplace Violence Policy


Effective Date: July 1, 1999


The City of Tempe is committed to providing a safe environment for its

employees and those who conduct business with the City. The City will not

tolerate acts of violence committed by or against City employees or members

of the public while on City of Tempe property or while performing City of

Tempe business at other locations.


"Workplace Violence" shall mean an act or behavior that:


· consists of a physical assault;


· is an attempt at a physical assault;


· a reasonable person would perceive as obsessively directed, e.g., intensely

focused on a grudge, grievance or romantic interest in another person and

likely to result in harm or threats of harm to people or property;


· consists of a communicated or perceived threat to harm another individual

or in any way endanger the safety of an individual;


· would be interpreted as carrying potential for physical harm to the



· a reasonable person would perceive as menacing;


· involves carrying or displaying weapons, destroying property or throwing

objects in a manner perceived to be threatening; or


· consists of a communicated or perceived threat to destroy property.


Workplace violence on City property, in City facilities or while on City

business will not be tolerated or ignored. Any unlawful violent actions

committed by employees or members of the public while on City property or

while using City facilities will be prosecuted as appropriate. The City will

use any and all legal, managerial, administrative and disciplinary procedures

to secure the workplace from violence and to protect employees and members of

the public.


Policy Goals and Objectives


The objectives of this policy are to:


1. Reduce the potential for violence in and around the workplace.


2. Encourage and foster a work environment that is characterized by respect

and healthy conflict resolution.


3. Mitigate the negative consequences for employees who experience violence

in their work lives.


Possession and Use of Dangerous Weapons by Employees




In the interest of maintaining a workplace that is safe and free of violence,

possession or use of a dangerous weapon is prohibited on City property, in

City vehicles or in any personal vehicle which is used for City business,

other than employees engaged in military or law enforcement activities.


Dangerous Weapons Defined


A dangerous weapon is any instrument capable of producing bodily harm in a

manner under circumstances and at a time and place that manifests an intent

to harm or intimidate another person, or that warrants alarm for the safety

of another person.




All employees are responsible:


· for refraining from acts of violence and for seeking assistance to resolve

personal issues that


may lead to acts of violence in the workplace;


· for reporting to managers and supervisors any dangerous or threatening

situations that occur in the workplace; and


Employees are encouraged to report to their managers / supervisors situations

that occur outside of the workplace which may affect workplace safety, i.e.

instances where protection orders have been issued.


Managers and supervisors are responsible for assessing situations, making

judgments on the appropriate response and then responding to reports of or

knowledge of violence and for initiating the investigation process.


As is reasonably possible, the City Manager or the City Manager's designee is

responsible for developing procedures that are designed to reasonably achieve

the following:


· prompt and appropriate response to any act of violence;


· accountability among employees for acts of violence committed in the



· establishment of oversight of investigations of violence;


· establishment of a crisis management team to provide immediate response to

serious incidents;


· establishment of avenues of support for employees who experience violence;



· communication of this policy.


Procedures for Dealing with Acts of Workplace Violence:


· If the act or altercation constitutes an emergency, CALL 911. After 911 has

been contacted, immediately contact a manager or supervisor.


· In situations that are not emergencies, contact your immediate manager or

supervisor. If possible, separate the parties involved in the violent

altercation. If the parties cannot be separated or if it would be dangerous

to any employee to separate the parties, CALL 911.


· Contact the appropriate Department Director.


The Department Director will contact the Human Resources Director, who will

take responsibility for coordinating a response to the incident.


In instances that involve emergencies or criminal activities, the Human

Resources Director will contact the City Manager and the Police Department.


Incidents involving emergencies and/or criminal activity will be referred to

the Police Department for assessment and, if necessary, investigation.


In instances when it is not appropriate to refer an incident to the Police

Department, the Human Resources Director will evaluate the situation and make

a recommendation regarding the need for an investigation. If an internal

investigation is recommended, the Human Resources Director or the Human

Resources Director's designee will coordinate the investigation process.


Achieving Goals and Evaluating Progress


To achieve the goals and objectives of this policy, the City will:


1. Establish procedures and methods for implementing policies and for

addressing violence in the workplace.


2. Provide training for managers, supervisors and all other employees.


3. Evaluate the physical environment for safety and consider modifications.


4. Evaluate progress in achieving goals and objectives of this policy.