Indiana Student Shot to Death by Former Student



 A 10th-grader was shot to death in the parking lot of his Gary, Ind., school

by a former student, the Associated Press reported March 30.

Neal Boyd, 16, was shot in the head outside Lew Wallace High School by a

17-year-old former student. School Superintendent Mary Guinn said the

suspected gunman had stopped coming to school about a year and a half ago.


According to police, the teenage boy admitted to shooting Boyd. Police Chief

John Roby also said the suspect told police where the gun was hidden.


Police are unsure whether the two boys knew each other or what the motive was

for the shooting.


"It was a one-on-one incident. Basically what happened, the 17-year-old

walked up to the 16-year-old and put a gun to his head and fired one shot,"

Roby said. "I guess the fortunate thing about it is that there was only a

small crowd around."


The shooting occurred before classes started for the day. The student body

was sent home for the day.


Authorities arrested the shooter at his home minutes after the incident. Roby

said he would be charged as an adult.


The high school, located in an area of the city notorious for high crime, has

been plagued by gun violence in recent years.