Schools Begin Employing Risk Managers




 As a result of recent school shootings, a growing number of schools are

employing risk managers, according to a March 30 press release from the A.M.

Best Company.

Among the responsibilities of risk managers at schools are purchasing

insurance, keeping schools safe, filing claims when disaster occurs,

overseeing off-campus field trips, inspecting playground equipment,

identifying risk-related issues, and administering health benefits for school



Currently, there is no firm data on how many schools employ risk managers,

but the Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS) reported that 140 of its

more than 3,900 corporate members are colleges, universities, or professional

schools. In addition, 29 elementary and secondary schools are members of RIMS.


According to Joe Myers, executive director of Redwood Empire Schools

Insurance Group in California, risk managers are generally hired by large,

urban educational systems.


"When you have 15,000 to 20,000 students, it is common for a district of that

size to have a risk manager. However, when you have systems smaller than

that, it is typical for districts to pool together and have an outside

manager entity handle various aspects of the school's risk management," said



For schools not using risk managers, principals or superintendents sometimes

take on risk-management roles.