"How Hostile Are You?"

A recent Mayo Clinic Women’s HealthSource newsletter includes this hostility self-test. If you agree with four or more statements, you need to find better ways of coping with your anger.



  1. I feel like screaming at or punching someone at least once a week.
  2. I get annoyed with others when I have to wait in line.
  3. When someone cuts me off in traffic, I honk, yell out me window or make obscene gestures.
  4. I like to let people know when I’m annoyed with them.
  5. When someone does me wrong, I think of ways to get even.
  6. I relive slights over and over.
  7. I often assume others are out to get me.
  8. When someone criticizes me, I lash out.
  9. When someone is performing a task to slowly, I take over.
  10. When I have a problem with a produce or service, I contact and yell at the company’s customer service representative.