University of Florida - Workplace Violence Policy

As a part of the University of Florida’s goal to maintain a safe and comfortable workplace and academic setting, the university has established standards of conduct that cover every member of our community. Specifically, violent acts, threats (direct or implied), unlawful harassment, verbal or physical abuse, stalking, intimidation, and other disruptive behavior will not be tolerated and will result in appropriate university response including disciplinary action and criminal prosecution.

As further support of this commitment, the university has established a three-tiered program that focuses on prevention, threat management and related behavioral issues, and crisis intervention. Follow the link below to read this policy, which includes insight as to steps to take under certain circumstances and resource contact information.

Safety and security are personal and shared responsibilities. While all supervisors and administrators are called on to report inappropriate behavior immediately, the collective involvement of every member of the university community is important and appreciated.

For more information regarding this policy and related material, read UF’s Workplace Violence Policy Statement.