Bullies at Risk for Future Additions, Violence


A National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) workshop on handling bullies revealed that bullying could lead to adult criminal behaviors for the victim and the bully, Youth Crime Alert reported in its November issue.

"Many of the factors that put a child at risk for bullying are the same factors that put a child at risk of drug abuse, violence, and delinquent behavior," said John Rosiak of the Children's Initiative Team at the NCPC.

According to NCPC figures, children who are bullies by age 8 have a one-in-four chance of having a criminal record by age 30.

Rosiak listed risk factors that identify bullies. Boys, he said, generally intimidate, extort, or use physical or verbal abuse. Rosiak added that boys at risk of becoming bullies are generally active, impulsive, have a domineering personality, and are hot-tempered.

Girls often exclude their victims from group activities and friendships, manipulate, spread rumors, and set the victims up to look stupid in front of others.

Rosiak said children need to be taught to tell on bullies and encouraged schools to implement role-playing as part of a preventive classroom program.