Policy on Prevention of Violence in the Work Place

Number 6105
Approval Date March/96
Last Amendment May/00
Authority VP FOPS



The University is committed to establishing and maintaining a University Violence Prevention Program that is in accordance with the Workers Compensation Act and Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, and will include but is not limited to:

providing education and information on issues of violence on campus to faculty and staff;
investigating reported incidents of violence in a prompt, objective, sensitive and, when appropriate, confidential manner;
taking necessary preventive and corrective action; and
providing appropriate support for victims.

All faculty and staff are responsible for maintaining a violence-free environment. This responsibility will be exercised by not engaging in violent behaviour and by taking safe and effective steps to prevent or stop violence when it happens.

Students are referred to the Policy on Threatening Behaviour.


The following procedures will be used by all faculty and staff to minimize the risk of violence.

The President, Vice President Academic and Provost, and Vice President Finance and Operations are responsible for ensuring that:

all incidents of violence are properly documented and that established reporting procedures are followed;
students, faculty and staff are provided with education and awareness programs in the areas of personal safety including, for example, reporting procedures, issues of confidentiality, crisis intervention, and risk assessment;
procedures for reporting, investigating and documenting incidents of violence are established in accordance with the Workers Compensation Board Regulations for Protection of Workers from Violence in the Workplace;
work and study environment arrangements are evaluated;
periodic risk assessments are conducted and documented;
supplementary instructions are prepared when necessary;
faculty and staff are informed of the nature and extent of risk of violence;
corrective actions are taken in response to incidents of violence; and
annual reviews are conducted to evaluate the University Violence Prevention Program.

Deans, Chairs, Directors, Managers, and Supervisors, in partnership with Campus Security are responsible for:

implementing reporting, investigating and documenting procedures;
providing educational and awareness programs for faculty and staff; and
advising faculty and staff of the University Violence Prevention Policy and Program, procedures to follow, and University resources available to help in any violent situation.


Faculty and staff are expected to report incidents of violence to Campus Security Services and to their Chair, Director, Manager or Supervisor at the time of occurrence.

Chairs, Directors, Managers and Supervisors are to report, in writing, any incidents of violence received by them to Campus Security Services. When appropriate, they are also to complete the necessary Workers Compensation Board Forms and direct them to Occupational Health and Safety.


All department Heads/Chairs are expected, on an ongoing basis, to review reported incidents of violence to determine any emerging pattern and, in consultation with Campus Security and Occupational Health and Safety, take corrective action. Department Heads/Chairs are encouraged to form Building/Department Security Committees to assist in the monitoring of violent incidents.


Campus Security Services in coordination with Occupational Health and Safety shall investigate all incidents of violence and shall ensure that the necessary corrective action is taken without delays. Where appropriate, Campus Security Services shall report incidents of violence to the police.

Campus Security Services will report all incidents of violence to the appropriate Chair, Director, Manager or Supervisor and when appropriate to Occupational Health and Safety.

Campus Security Services will offer support to the complainant and encourage the complainant to participate in the Criminal Justice System when appropriate.

Campus Security Services will advise and refer the complainant to the appropriate support services available both on and off campus.

Campus Security shall maintain a record of reported incidents of violence for a five-year period.

No individual shall be penalized for making a complaint or giving evidence in an investigation regarding violence unless the charge proves to be malicious and without foundation.


The requirements for risk assessment, procedures and policies, the duty to respond to incidents and to instruct workers are based on the recognition of violence in the workplace as an occupational hazard. This hazard is to be addressed by the occupational health and safety program following the same procedures required by the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation to address other workplace hazards.