Managing Aggressive and Hostile Behavior in the Workplace Anger Management Certification for Adults

Santa Monica, California - September 13, 14, 2002

8:30 A.M.5:30 P.M. daily

Location: Best Western Hotel

1920 Santa Monica Blvd.

Violence and aggressive behavior in the workplace is a source of considerable concern and cost to business and industry. It is often a casual factor in absenteeism, sick leave usage and reduced productivity. Training in workplace violence prevention is not a cost, rather, it is an investment. This two-day training will focus on strategies for preventing workplace violence and providing intervention for employees experiencing difficultiesin interpersonal relationships.

The September 13, training will focus on Managing Aggressive and Hostile Behavior in the Workplace and will use the Anderson workbook Gaining Controlof Ourselves as the text. This one-day training is designed for Managers,Human Resource, Security and Safety professionals, Compliance officers, Inspectors, Customer Service personnel as well as anyone whose job directly involves dealing with clients or the public. This curriculum is currently being used in public and private organizations throughout the United Sates and Canada. This program is used as the model for workplace violence prevention training for the State of California. The course is highly experiential and interactive. Participants will gain a better understanding of their own anger triggers, how not to allow other people to push your buttons, how to stay calm when confronted and how to use the aggressive management toolkit to positively handle hostile persons.

W. Barry Nixon, who is the State of California's Workplace Violence Consultant and a recognized expert in workplace violence prevention, will lead the workshop. He is the President of the National Institute for the Prevention of Workplace Violence, Inc. and an Authorized Anderson & Anderson Anger Management Trainer.

This training will consist of a Power Point Presentation with corresponding handouts including a toolkit for participants. Ample time will be available for questions, exercises and role-play of common hostile workplace situations. 

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