Behavior Level


Manager/Supervisor's Guidelines for Action

Level I

The employee may:


Show signs of increasing stress, perhaps involving negative changes in behavior

Observe, ask if the employee how they are doing, and document

Show signs of a deterioration in work performance

Engage employee in conversation to gain insight into behavior, document

Show signs of increasingly unkempt appearance

Carefully offer help

Show signs of alcohol or substance abuse

Report concerns, if continuing, to next higher-level supervisor, seek consultation from your Personnel Office and EAP consulting services for


Show signs of distress over personal or workplace problems

"act strange" or "unusual" by appearing confrontational, argumentative, stressed, anxious, withdrawn or secretive

Behavior is such to cause concern for person's own well-being or possibly others

Level II

The employee may:


Make veiled threats to harm

Report concerns to next higher-level supervisor before any effort to engage person

Intimidate others

Engage person in conversation, if appropriate, to gain insight into potential for violent behavior and document.

Have a history of violent behavior and lose temper easily


Be chronically disgruntled, inflexible

Consult with next higher level of administration as follow-up

Refuse to take responsibility for problems or actions

Seek consultation from your Personnel Office

Find fault with and blame others


Have a deep sense of entitlement

Have an obsession with weapons and empathy with those who resort to violence

Behavior Level


Manager/Supervisor's Guidelines for Action

Level III

The employee may:


Make blatant threats to harm others and/or destroy property

Warn those who may be in immediate danger

Carry a weapon on campus

Immediately report behavior to next higher-level authority and press for quick intervewrntion

Engage in aggressive behavior such as verbal abuse, physical "in your face" posturing

If employee is present and seriously acting-out, call 9-1-1 and ask for assistance

Level IV

The employee:


Is violent toward others or property Displays overt acts of violence or out-of-control behavior

Call 9-1-1 for immediate assistance.

Attempt to get others out of harms' way.

May or may not use a weapon or cause death

Inform next higher-level authority.