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Subject: Guns and taxi homicides

Date: Thu, 08 May 2003 11:50:25 -0700

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The following article was sent to me by a friend who received it on media@gunowners.org (GOA Media Release). It looks like Charles Rathbones’ web site is becoming the source to go to for people wanting info on taxi homicides.

DC Gun Grabbers: Cabbies Being Murdered Is No Reason to Arm Them

by Larry Pratt

The blatantly unconstitutional views of the gun-grabbers in the District of Columbia are so fanatically anti-self-defense that they oppose the right of cab drivers to keep and bear arms—even though this is one of the most dangerous jobs in the country.

In early May of 2000, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) issued a press release quoting the U.S. Secretary of Labor, Alexis M. Herman, as saying: "Taxi drivers are 60 times more likely than other workers to be murdered on the job." She said that the number of assaults and homicides against taxi drivers borders on being an "epidemic." According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 510 cab drivers were murdered on the job between 1992-1998. Taxi drivers are also victim to more violent assaults (184 per 1,000 workers) than any other occupation with the exception of police (306 per 1,000) and private security guards (218 per 1,000).

A story in the Washington Post (11/23/99) reports that one 30-year veteran cab driver was robbed 13 times in 12 years. In this story, DC Police Chief Charles Ramsey says there were 131 crimes against cabbies in 1999, including 66 robberies, eight car thefts and one murder. Here’s just some of what has happened to DC and other cabbies in recent years:

"Assaulting a cab driver carries little risk to the assailant. First, there is a very good chance it won’t be reported to the police, and if it is reported, there’s very little chance of the perpetrator getting caught and if he is caught and disputes the allegation, there is a very good chance the cab driver won’t be believed. I talked to a cab driver in Kansas City who said that he no longer reports any assaults or even robberies. The first time he was assaulted and robbed, he called the police.... When the officer got there, he saw that the cab was parked in a ‘no parking’ zone. So, the driver was arrested and the cab was towed away."

Szekely, who at the time headed a national safety council for cabbies, adds: "The ‘nice’ criminals will lock the cabbie in the trunk while they make their getaway. We have had drivers who have spent several days in the trunk of their car in some field, unable to attract attention, and they almost died from suffocation and dehydration."

Incredibly, despite this kind of violent, and often deadly, crime against cab drivers almost every night and day across our country— including our Nation’s capitol, the anti-self-defense nuts in Washington DC still oppose allowing cabbies to keep and bear arms to defend themselves. This is an outrage.

But, there’s some good news here. At least one courageous lady in Washington DC, Sandra Seegars, a member of the DC Taxicab Commission, is fighting hard for the right of cab drivers to keep and bear arms for self-defense. I’ll be reporting on her commendable efforts in future columns. And I’ll be naming the names of those who oppose her, those who want to continue the disarming of DC cabbies with deadly results.