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Division: :TAIS

Document# :1902.001.004.000

Doc Rev :01/03/00

Type :5. PD - Procedure

Title :Workplace Violence

Doc Effective Date :07/01/96

Doc Status :Current



  1. PURPOSE/POLICY STATEMENT. It is the policy of the Company to make every reasonable effort provide a workplace free from violence or the threat of violence from fellow employees, those who conduct business with the Company, and other persons.
  2. SCOPE. This Policy applies to employees of TAIS.
    1. TAIS Management. All TAIS management is responsible for implementing this Procedure. Additionally, TAIS Managers and Supervisors must report the following to the TAIS Security Department:
    1. All acts of threat of violence witnessed.
    2. Any behavior which is regarded as threatening or violent when that behavior is job-related or might be carried out on a TAIS controlled site, or is connected to TAIS employment.
    3. Report such behavior which comes to their attention from other employees.
    4. Upon receiving the TAIS, Security Departments conclusion report from any investigation into a particular situation, the appropriate TAIS Management shall initiate a decisive and suitable response and, where appropriate, consult with Human Resources Department, which shall assist in taking swift and appropriate corrective and/or disciplinary action.
    1. Security Department. In the event of a violent incident in the workplace, the Security Department shall contact appropriate authorities including, but not limited to, the police, fire department, paramedics and/or ambulance services. Additionally, the Security Department is responsible for investigating incidents of workplace violence by, among other things, interviewing injured or threatened employees, accused employees and witnesses, wherever possible and making any necessary reports as required by Company policy or law, including but not limited to reports to OSHA and/or the DSLE. The Security Department must also convey the results of the investigation to the Vice President of Administration or designee, who will then substantiate that a violation(s) of this Policy have occurred, both the Security and Human Resources Departments shall assist management personnel in making a swift and appropriate response, as well as implement any reasonable and necessary precautionary measures to avoid another similar incident, if possible.
    2. All Employees. Employees who become aware of an act of violence or threat of imminent or actual violent behavior that is job-related, involves Company property, or is connected employment, must immediately seek emergency assistance by contacting a member of Company management or the Security Department. Employees must make these reports regardless of the nature of the relationship between the individual who initiated the threat or threatening behavior and the person(s) who were the focus of the threatening behavior. Employees may make such reports and arise questions regarding their obligations under this Policy without fear of reprisal by the Company.

Every threat or act of violence must be treated seriously. Employees must not take any personal risks or become involved in violent incidents, but rather must report the situation to the Security Department.

All individuals who apply for or obtain a protective or restraining order, which lists Company locations as being protected areas, must provide to the Director, Human Resources and Manager, Security Operations with:

A copy of the petition and declarations used to seek the order, and

A copy of any temporary protective or restraining order which is granted; and

A copy of any protective or restraining order which is made permanent.

Any employee required to take time off to obtain relive relating to domestic violence will be permitted to take any available vacation time, short term absence, personal leave to protect themselves and/or their child(ren) from domestic violence. Employees may not be discriminated or retaliated against for taking off pursuant to this Policy.

  3. EXHIBITS. None.
  5. DEPARTMENT WITH SECONDARY RESPONSIBILITY. Legal Department and Facilities & Site Services Department.

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