Gonzaga University Workplace Violence Policy


    Respect for the individual is one of the core values of Gonzaga University's Mission Statement. Consistent with this value, the University has adopted a "zero tolerance" policy for threatening or violent behavior in the workplace. Verbal threats, threatening behavior, or acts of violence by an employee will not be tolerated. This includes those directed at or against other employees, students, vendors, or campus visitors. Violation of this policy will result in appropriate disciplinary action, including potential dismissal. Arrest and criminal prosecution by off-campus authorities is also possible.

    Threats or acts of violence will be taken seriously and will be immediately investigated by the University. Employees who make substantial threats, exhibit threatening behavior, or engage in violent acts on University property will be removed from the campus as quickly as safety permits.

    While it is not possible to describe all the actions which might constitute threatening or violent behavior, the following behaviors are strictly forbidden in the workplace:
      • possessing or consuming illegal drugs
      • possessing or consuming alcoholic beverages not specifically authorized as part of a University function
      • working under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs
      • using threatening, intimidating, or abusive language and/or gestures
      • weapons, including personal items which could be used as weapons, other than provided tools
      • stalking or similarly harassing behavior toward employees, students, or campus visitors
      • destroying University property, computer files, and/or other acts of workplace sabotage
      • physically attacking another person
      • verbally threatening to harm another person or destroy property

        Employees disciplined for violating this policy may appeal through the Grievance Procedure, Appendix 12.


  1. University personnel are responsible for notifying their supervisor, Campus Security, or Human Resources of any threats which they have received, witnessed, or have otherwise been made aware.
  2. Employees should also report any action which, in their judgment, has the potential to become threatening or violent without appropriate intervention. In all instances, the University will use such information with as much discretion as possible.
  3. Human Resources must be notified of ALL threats or acts of violence in the workplace and immediately consulted if there is a concern that violence may occur.
  4. It is highly recommended that Human Resources be notified of personal situations, such as domestic violence, which have the potential to involve the workplace.
  5. Human Resources must be notified if a restraining order lists Gonzaga's workplace as a restricted location. Human Resources will in turn notify Campus Security.

    Human Resources staff members are available to assist employees and supervisor to help prevent workplace violence through counseling, anger management, mediation, and other resources. Supervisors are encouraged to seek Human Resources' assistance during high risk situations such as employee dismissals, work restructuring, or instances in which an employee's medical condition may be a contributing factor. Human Resources will respect the confidentiality of the employee involved, balanced with need to provide a safe, secure environment for all personnel.

Human Resources will conduct periodic training sessions to provide information concerning potential workplace violence, including recognizing early warning signs of a troubled or potentially violent person, and procedures for responding to and reporting such incidents.

Source: Gonzaga University

Website: http://www.gonzaga.edu/Campus+Resources