Study finds domestic violence costs U K businesses nearly 3bn ($5.4 billion US) yearly  


United Kingdom -- Time off work due to injuries caused by domestic violence is costing employers and workers nearly 3 billion a year (approx 5.4 billion US dollars*), according to figures released today September 1, 2004.  The Cost of Domestic Violence report by professor Sylvia Walby at the University of Leeds assesses the damage caused to the UK economy through time off work due to injuries. It estimates that around half the costs of such absence is borne by the employer, and half by the individual in lost wages. 


The independent research also showed that domestic violence costs UK services, such as health and criminal justice, 3 billion. It also assessed the human and emotional suffering caused by domestic violence and estimated that costs were 17 billion.

Professor of Sociology at the University of Leeds, Sylvia Walby said that the cost of domestic violence was borne by everyone through the taxes to pay for public services, lost economic output due to time off work because of injuries, and the human and emotional costs to those who suffer the violence. (Sources: and