Certified Campus Safety Professional Requirements


To become a Certified Campus Safety Professional (CCSP), candidates must successfully complete a total of 40 hours of training: eight hours of the required course, plus 32 elective hours from the areas listed below. Applicants must also possess a valid First Aid and CPR certificate issued by a reorganized training authority.


Courses will be offered at campus safety conferences and various special sessions throughout the country.




Advanced Campus Security Officer Course (eight hours), also known as the Train the Trainer Course.




Each Certified Campus Safety professional candidate must complete 32 hours of training from the elective fields listed below. Candidates must successfully complete one eight-hour course from each of the elective fields. One additional eight-hour course from any of the three listed elective fields also must be completed.


Candidates may submit relevant experience and/or alternative course work for evaluation for up to 32 hours to meet the training requirements for the three areas of training.


A.                  OPERATIONS AND TACTICS


One eight-hour course from those listed below:


                     Security Tactics in the Educational Environment

                     Drug Identification

                     Gang Behavior

                     Disasters and Emergencies

                     Parking and Traffic Control

                     Crisis Management

                     Internal Investigations

                     Conducting Campus Investigations

                     Campus Safety Plans

                     Responding to Weapons and Explosive Devices

                     Alarm Systems, CCTV and Other Protection Devices

                     Physical Intervention


B.                  LAW AND LIABILITY


One eight-hour course from those listed below:


                     Laws Affecting the Campus

                     Student Discipline

                     Search and Seizure

                     Legal Aspects of Dealing with Diversity

                     Weapons Laws

                     Issues of Liability on Campus

                     Special Education




One eight-hour course from those listed below:


                     Mediation/Conflict Resolution

                     Dynamics of Adolescent Behavior

                     Sexual Harassment

                     Supervision Techniques for Campus Security Personnel

                     Counseling Skills for the Campus Safety Professional

                     Meeting the Challenges of Diversity

                     Related Campus Safety Experience


D.                  ADDITIONAL ELECTIVE


Plus one additional eight-hour course from one of the three elective fields listed above.


For more information on the Certified Campus Safety Professional (CCSP) program, contact Sandra Watson at 310 390-5277, Ext. 4 or e-mail her at swatson@bricepac.com


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