The Financial Impact of Workplace Violence

An in depth analysis of the cost impact of workplace violence on a business is explored. A cost model is introduced to identify the costs that are associated with a serious workplace violence incident occurring.  Emphasis is placed on the critical role of Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Planning which can reduce the impact of such occurrences.  The case is also made for focusing on anticipating the possibility of workplace violence and not just preparing to react, but also taking preventative steps to reduce the likelihood of such events occurring. The role of Financial Managers in preparing for addressing workplace violence is also discussed.

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Selection Questions to Screening for Violence Prone Individuals

The intent of the recommended "selection questions" is to provide you with another set of tools to use in the ongoing struggle to prevent workplace violence. These questions should become one part of a very strong pre-screening and selection process used with the intent of screening out potentially violent people before they are hired.

This guide will provide you with the information you need to screen for potentially violent tendencies and poor conflict resolution skills by providing information about:

·         Important questions to ask during the interview process

·        Recommendations regarding conducting background and reference checks.

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The Complete Hiring Guide to Screen for Violent Prone Individuals

When you consider the investment that an organization makes when it hires an employee it would well to do a thorough job in selection to ensure that its hard earned dollars are properly invested. A recent study conducted by Towers and Perrin1 indicated that over a ten-year period the average firm invested approximately one million dollars in an employee earning eighty thousand dollars annually.  When you multiply this cost times the organization's employee base, each hiring decision is a significant expenditure and resource investment. This financial reality coupled with the accepted premise of Industrial psychologists that "the single best predictor of future job behavior is a person's past behavior," suggest that gaining a thorough assessment of previous work history can give considerate insight to future success.   Additionally progressive human resource professional's trace the root cause of many employee relation problems back to a poor hiring decision.  When you add in the high cost of turnover and recruitment it inexplicably leads to the conclusion that it is definitely worth taking a long look at how you can more effectively select employees.

This guide presents valuable tools and approaches:

  • Critical Behavior Traits
  • Checklist for Evaluating Resumes
  • Important Questions to Include in the Employment Application
  • Interviewing Techniques
  • Reference and Background Checking
  • Employment Verification and Release Form

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The Violence Prone Organization

The focus of the booklet is to move beyond focusing only on an individual’s propensity to become violent or his level of threat/dangerousness and recognizing the potent role that an organizations' environment can play in heightening the potential for violence to occur as well. 


Participants will learn:


·         the seven factors that increase the likelihood of violence in an organization

·         the three primary variables that must be present for violence to occur and hot to appropriately intercede to interrupt the aggression progression cycle towards violence

·        the NIX Model for Prevention Workplace Violence and how to implement a Zero Incidence approach to violence prevention that goes beyond simply having zero tolerance.

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Zero Tolerance is Not Enough – How to Make Violence Prevention Really Work


“Zero tolerance is all the rage. But dealing with workplace problems requires more than rhetoric. It’s about crafting an effective policy and putting all the pieces in place to make it work.”  The booklet is designed to be easy reading for managers and supervisors and to provide an overview of effective prevention techniques for implementing a workplace violence prevention program. The booklet takes the reader beyond simply establishing a workplace violence prevention policy, because “Creating a policy is the easy part. Putting teeth in it and managing problems - when they occur - is the challenge.”


Additionally, the booklet includes tips on the important steps to take to implement your workplace violence prevention program in an easy to read format and with straight forward language. Some of the subject areas covered include:

  • how to create a violence free workplace,
  • understanding the importance of treating employees in a respectful manner throughout the employment process
  • understanding that how supervisors treat employees makes a difference,
  • the early warning signs of potential violence,
  • tips for handling a potentially hostile situation
  • supervisors responsibilities and key steps to preventing workplace violence.


We help the reader gain an increased understanding that zero tolerance invariably is a reactionary approach and must give way to the more progressive approach of focusing on zero incidents.  This approach encompasses a ‘zero tolerance’ for violence, but goes far beyond this concept by recognizing that ultimately, the goal of any workplace violence program is injury prevention and intervening before incidents occur.

The booklet is an excellent handout for safety meetings or to accompany training on workplace violence prevention.

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