WorkplaceViolence Policy, Hennepin County, Minnesota




Hennepin County adopts this Workplace Violence Policy in furtherance of our Obligations as an employer under state and federal law. Hennepin County seeks to provide a safe and secure workplace environment for employees, employee

organizations, clients, volunteers and citizens. Violence, or the threat of violence, has no place in any of Hennepin County's workplaces.


Hennepin County is committed to providing as rapid and coordinated a response as possible to violence or the threat of violence at any Hennepin County workplace. Employees and employee organizations, both individually and jointly, will act to prevent or defuse actual or threatened violent behavior at workplaces.


Violence, or the threat of violence, by or against any employee of Hennepin County or other person while at a Hennepin County workplace is unacceptable and may subject the individual to serious disciplinary action, possible

criminal charges and/or possible sanctions or restrictions.


Possession, use, or threat of use, of an object as a dangerous weapon, Including all firearms, is not permitted at the workplace, or on County property, including in a County vehicle, unless such possession or use is an approved requirement of the job.


Hennepin County is committed to providing a workplace environment in which employees, employee organizations, clients, volunteers and citizens are free to communicate concerns or questions directly to the appropriate level of management.




For purposes of this policy the following definitions are used:


WORKPLACE: includes any place or site operated by Hennepin County or any place Where and while a Hennepin County employee is conducting Hennepin County business. This specifically includes home visits by County employees recognizing the possible necessity of increased precautions during these visits and possible sanctions and/or restrictions for these visits, if required, by the presence of weapons or the threat of violence.


VIOLENCE: Any act or instance of intentional physical harm or the threat of Physical harm.


EMPLOYEE: includes employees, elected and appointed officials, interns and grant recipients.


SANCTIONSAND/OR RESTRICTIONS: For some behaviors, identified remedies (such as discipline, performance corrections, union contract, criminal prosecution) maybe most appropriate. But for some behaviors, particularly where the County is obligated to provide service, and does not have control of the individual, other remedies may be required (such as limited service hours, advance notice requirement for visit to a County office, flagging of files, identifying of clients or customer as past behavior problem). Management gives employees permission not to enter into or continue with service in the face of violence or threatened violence in conformity with guidelines. Sanctioning of Elected County Officials is governed by Minnesota Statute 351.14 et seq.


DANGEROUS WEAPON: A definition for Dangerous Weapon was purposefully not presented as the County policy is self explanatory in this regard, referring to  any object possessed, used or threatened to be used as a dangerous weapon, implying an intent to cause harm with it.


September12, 1995