Stalking Crimes and Victim Protection:

       Prevention, Intervention, Threat Assessment and Case Management … Edited by Dr. Joe Davis

A. new multidisciplinary book published by CRC Press and edited by Joe Davis, Ph.D. Here is what the experts are saying about Stalking Crimes and Victim Protection as reviewed and endorsed by Dr. John E. Douglas, Former Unit Chief, Behavioral Sciences Unit, FBI Academy …


"The National Victim Center estimates that by the end of this year, more than one million people will have been victims of the crime of stalking. Stalking is continuing to increase at an alarming pace and rate and is reaching epidemic proportions. Despite all the anti-stalking legislation in being place beginning in California in 1990, law enforcement personnel and the professionals who work with them have had a difficult time dealing with this specific type of crime. What can appear as an affectionate interest or passing obsession that seems on the surface to be harmless can quickly take a lethal turn for the relentlessly pursued and harassed victim. Celebrities often times appear to be the target. However, the vast majority of cases involve ordinary citizens. Victims can be tormented for years and are frequently in need of advice and intervention techniques that are designed to plan for their safety and security. I have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Joe Davis on several occasions and know his work very well in this area. His work is to be applauded and the contributing authors are to be congratulated for their collaboration on "Stalking Crimes and Victim Protection". The book is multidisciplinary in scope, possesses a tremendous amount of applied value and makes a significant contribution to the existing literature on the subject of stalking crime prevention, intervention, threat assessment and stalker-victim case management. The expertise contained and found within the book will certainly assist those professionals who are actively working and managing stalking cases. Ultimately, this book will assist law enforcement and other professionals in their attempt to reduce the potential for violence, assess the threat of stalking crimes and successfully manage the victimization from stalkers now and in the future.           


John E. Douglas, Former Unit Chief, Behavioral Sciences, FBI retired, Author of "Obsession” and “Mind Hunter” .