Workplace Violence is Everybody’s Business

Course Description

Focuses on increasing employee’s awareness of the scope of the problem of workplace violence, knowledge of the company’s policy on workplace violence, early warning signs, methods for de-escalating potentially hostile situations and employee’s role in supporting the firm’s workplace violence prevention effort. Special attention is focused on the importance of reporting threats and incidents to give management a chance to intervene before violence occurs.


·        Participants will gain an increased awareness of the emerging trends, challenges, issues regarding workplace violence that are impacting worker security

·        Participant will learn about employee's role in preventing incidents of violence such as reporting of violent acts, threats or suspicious behavior, using EAP, etc.

·        Participants will learn safe techniques for defusing an angry or hostile individual


·        Participant will learn how to recognize the 'early warning' signals in employees that could indicate the potential for workplace violence and what to do about it

·        Participants will enhance their awareness of physical security issues

·        Participants will assess their current work environment and develop an individual security plan



Target Audience
All employees