The Complete Hiring Guide to Screen for Violent Prone Individuals

When you consider the investment that an organization makes when it hires an employee it would well to do a thorough job in selection to ensure that its hard earned dollars are properly invested. A recent study conducted by Towers and Perrin1 indicated that over a ten-year period the average firm invested approximately one million dollars in an employee earning eighty thousand dollars annually.  When you multiply this cost times the organization's employee base, each hiring decision is a significant expenditure and resource investment. This financial reality coupled with the accepted premise of Industrial psychologists that "the single best predictor of future job behavior is a person's past behavior," suggest that gaining a thorough assessment of previous work history can give considerate insight to future success.   Additionally progressive human resource professional's trace the root cause of many employee relation problems back to a poor hiring decision.  When you add in the high cost of turnover and recruitment it inexplicably leads to the conclusion that it is definitely worth taking a long look at how you can more effectively select employees.

This guide presents valuable tools and approaches:

Employment Verification and Release Form

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