An Interview with Bruce Berg on


1.       What led you to start the

As the premier consultant in the background screening industry, I would regularly get calls both from people looking to change employers and from employers looking for candidates with industry experience.   I would try to hook these two up when there was a match.  I was happy to help both parties.  In addition, I was asked several times to do recruiting, but I felt that to effectively accomplish this, I would have to "steal" good people from companies that were, or had the potential to be, clients.  I felt this was not ethical.  I found myself spending several hours a week "helping" but this was getting in the way of "earning."  Thus, why not put it up on a Job Board for this exchange of information to take place more efficiently and effectively.



2.        Why do you think it is important to have a Job Board for the Background screening industry?


So, by the many calls I received, it was pretty much self evident that there was a need to have such an exchange within the industry.


3.       What are the services that you offer to job seekers and to employers? allows applicants to list their qualifications.  Qualifications can be listed anonymously if the applicant chooses.  If an employer likes what he sees, he contacts that person directly or, if the resume was posted anonymously, through the web site.  If the applicant wants to continue to explore the opportunity, they contact the employer.  If they are not interested in working for that employer, they can respond as not interested, or just choose to not respond at all.


4.       What advantages does Background Screening Jobs have over other Job Boards? has a distinct advantage over boards like CareerFinder or Monster in that is specializes in talent and jobs only in our industry.  The only people who know about are those in the industry and some recruiters.


5.       Any advice you would like offer to job hunters regarding how to best make use of to find that perfect job?

The best way for job hunters to use is to be as comprehensive as possible in entering their professional background.  They must remember that this is the opportunity to sell themselves to a potential employer.  Some listing we have seen do not give a good picture of qualifications or desires.  The job hunter must read the information they provide as if they were the employer and ask: "would they respond to the listing?"  If the answer is a no, then they should change their input on the board.


6.       Any advice you would like offer to businesses regarding how to best make use of to find that perfect candidate?


For the employer, success comes again with selling; selling why someone should come to work for that company.  This can be in the body of the ad and can also be enhanced by purchasing a banner ad making their company look more professional.



7.       How do you see the current job market in the Background Screening Industry? Any trends that you see?


I still get calls asking if I know any good people available to hire from the industry (Sales, Sales Management, Marketing, Operations, Management, etc.).  Employers are always looking for a good person to help them grow.  Of course I refer them to the best source of information:



8.        How do you see the current job market in the Background Screening Industry? Any trends that you see?