Volume 7, Edition 1, January 2011

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Correct Answer: B. Commercial information under Italian privacy law can be collected and processed without the need to obtain the consent of the data subjects (i.e., the natural person or legal entity whose information is collected). However, an information statement requirement has to be fulfilled. In practice, this means that a company whose business is to collect and process commercial information must provide the information statement to all data subjects. It is worth highlighting that under Italian privacy law a natural person and a legal entity are granted almost the same degree of protection. This means that a company has a duty to provide the information statement not only to its employees but also to its customers in a B2B scenario (i.e., where customers are other companies and not individuals).

In Italy, does a company that gathers commercial information have to give notice to or obtain consent from an individual subject before gathering data about them?

A. No notice; no consent. Italy does not have data privacy requirements.

B. Notice required; no consent.

C. No notice; but consent required.

D. Both notice and consent


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