Police say suspect is former employee who may have sought revenge


                                             AP.national (12-28-96) 17:45:45


VALLEJO, Calif. (AP) -- A former McDonald's employee who was rejected after reapplying for his job has been arrested and accused of gunning

down three employees, killing one.


Jody Tyrone Gordon, 24, was arrested Friday on suspicion of murder and attempted murder.


The gunman walked into the restaurant Thursday night, fired at three female employees and laughed as he left, witnesses said. None of the employees,

who had just concluded a staff meeting, recognized him.


But police drew a composite from the victim's description and other employees said the sketch resembled Gordon, police Lt. Al Lehman said.


The only customer in the restaurant at the time was not injured.


Melanie Boncato, 17, of Vallejo died Friday from a gunshot wound to the head.


Mercedes Manuel, 21, had gunshot wounds to her head, arm and leg. Larianal Sapinoso, 17, was recovering from a superficial head wound. Both were

listed in stable condition.


Gordon, who lost his job at McDonald's in February 1995 after being sentenced for armed robbery, called twice in the last two weeks asking to be

rehired, Lehman said. He was turned down but didn't seem upset at the time, employees said.


``We think that's where the motive came in,'' Lehman said. ``He was upset with that denial.''


Evidence found at Gordon's apartment and at the restaurant linked him to the crime, Lehman said, without elaborating. A weapon has not been found.