Volume 6, Edition 3. March 2010

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Answer: D. Under section 605 of the FCRA, if an applicant/consumer is expected to make under $75,000, a CRA cannot report arrests that did not result in a conviction or any other adverse information past seven years. CRAs can, however, report bankruptcies going back 10 years. A CRA can report conviction records under the FCRA going back as far as they can locate, but CRAs should be aware some states have restrictions on what a CRA can report that also apply to conviction records.

Assuming an individual will make less than $75,000, under the FCRA, a CRA is prohibited from reporting:

a) Arrest record information going back further than seven years;

b) Any adverse item of information other than convictions going back seven years except Bankruptcies can be reported for 10 years;

c) Any information going back further than seven years;

d) Both A and B


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