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The National Institute For The Prevention Of Workplace Violence


Berg Consulting Group, Inc.
2240 Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard, Suite 105 West Palm Beach, Florida 33409
Phone 561-712-1277 Fax 561-712-1255

Sorry, we are NOT a background screening company. But,

  • Since 2000, we are America’s #1 consultancy specific to the industry. We offering a full line of services to the background screener.
    • Business improvement (marketing, sales, operations, benchmarking and more).
    • Improved quality, turnaround and lower costs.
    • Mergers and Acquisitions intermediary.
  • We have over 17 years experience in the industry with tremendous success.
    • Bruce Berg built his company (CIC/HireCheck/First Advantage) from $197,000 a year in sales in 1991 to $13,000,000 in 2000, becoming the absolute best company in the industry. Ask anyone.
    • Bruce sold his company to First American Corp in 1998, creating a basis for what is now the third largest company in the industry, First Advantage, Inc.
    • We have grown to five experienced people in our group and work with hundreds of clients.
  • We really know this industry. It’s all we do.

We help screening companies to:

  • Improve quality, customer service, and productivity and to lower the cost of data.
  • Acquire another company or sell their company. We have done more “deals” in our industry in the past 8 years than any other intermediary.

We help end users (employers):

  • To dramatically improve your background checking programs.
    • Improve the search depth and breadth.
    • Slash turnaround time.
    • Cut your expenditures up to 50%.
  • To select the best supplier for the
    • Best service.
    • Best prices.
    • Best quality.
  • To be in compliance with laws and regulations.

I invite you to call me to discuss how we can help. Your success is our success.

Bruce Berg