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The National Institute For The Prevention Of Workplace Violence

LexisNexis© Screening Solutions

LexisNexis® Screening Solutions help you protect the reputation of your organization by staying compliant and identifying risk associated with the individuals you screen using state-of-the-art background check tools, drug and alcohol test, fingerprint screening and behavior assessments.
LexisNexis leads the industry with the most advanced technology and comprehensive data solutions, so you can make the right decisions quickly about the people you screen. We support our user-friendly background check solutions with service excellence, compliance updates and best practices that allow you to drive efficiencies into your workflow and maximize the value of your spend.

Employment Screening
A company's most valuable asset is its people. Securing the right people, from employees to contractors to vendors, is a lot easier with the accurate and empowering answers from LexisNexis® Employment Screening. Including everything from in-depth criminal background checks and drug/alcohol screening to employment verification and time-saving post-hire solutions, LexisNexis® Employment Screening gives you the power to make quicker, more confident decisions every day.

Contractor Screening
Using LexisNexis® Contractor Screening helps companies reduce its financial, regulatory and reputational risk by screening contractors with access to facilities and consumer homes. Our online service performs a series of physical and database checks to verify the profile data provided by contractors. The results are evaluated against customized rules, set by individual companies, to determine initial and ongoing compliance. We can help credential businesses and principals, perform background and/or drug screening on contractors' employees, verify contractor insurance levels and licenses (when required), or manage vendor and supplier documents and archives via an "online filing cabinet."

Resident Screening
LexisNexis® Resident Screening offers one of the most comprehensive multi-family housing screening and collections services available for the industry. We enable property owners and managers to effectively evaluate residents during the application phase, monitor them after move-in and locate them after they've moved out, if necessary. With LexisNexis Resident Screening, property managers can quickly turn qualified applicants into residents, and help protect their property from problem renters. As a result, property owners and managers can avoid both financial losses and potential liability.

Volunteer Screening
LexisNexis® Volunteer Screening, is our premier background screening tool designed specifically for the needs of non-profit clients. LexisNexis Volunteer Screening gives some of the nation's leading non-profit agencies the ability to conduct comprehensive—and affordable—background screening services before employees or volunteers are allowed to work with children or other vulnerable populations.

LexisNexis® Screening Solutions
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